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Image: Giulia Bertelli/ Unsplash

Life without hobbies: a path to monotony?

Why is it good to have a hobby?
One day, I found myself at my friend’s house, chatting with her mum while waiting for her to come home. Her mum, a dedicated housewife, spends her days cooking lunches and dinners, doing housework, and watching TV until her daughter and husband return. Her only trips outside are to the supermarket for groceries. Curious, I asked, “Do you have any hobbies?” To her, being a housewife means her primary focus is taking care of her family.

At the other end of the spectrum, I know people who dedicate all their time to work, leaving little room for anything else. This realisation was a wake-up call: do I want to become someone who only dedicates time to family or work, slowly losing myself in the process?

According to Dorie Clark (2021), we should dedicate 20% of our time to engaging in interesting hobbies every day. Hobbies play a crucial role in maintaining a sense of self and balance in our lives. This not only enriches our lives but also fosters personal growth and well-being. Do you want to be known solely as a company’s employee, someone’s parent, or spouse? Hobbies remind us that we are more than our ‘roles’. Plus, they give us something to talk about other than work.

A guide to my favourite hobbies
Sticking with hobbies long-term can be challenging, as a low commitment and laziness often creep in. However, when something truly brings you joy and relaxation, it becomes part of who you are; you stop thinking about ‘doing’ the hobbies – they become second nature. Here are my top four favourite hobbies that I’ve been enjoying for over a year.

  1. Yoga: this helps me to stay fit, flexible, and centred, providing a perfect escape from daily stress.
  2. Perfume Making: experimenting with and creating perfumes allows me to indulge in my love for scents and creativity, crafting personalised fragrances that reflect my unique style.
  3. Photography: this hobby encourages me to explore new places and hidden gems in my area, notice the tiny details that often go unnoticed, and express myself through visual storytelling.
  4. Baking: my love for desserts inspired me to start baking at home, I enjoy trying out new recipes and techniques, turning my kitchen into a sweet experiment lab.

How to find a new hobby
“Finding hobbies you love is a long-term investment in yourself” (Borges, 2014). Discovering a new hobby can be an exciting adventure. In my own experience, I’ve found two divergent yet equally effective approaches to uncovering new passions:

  1. The first is to simply reflect on the small details that bring you joy in your everyday life. Personally, I’ve always had a deep fascination with fragrance. Each morning before work, I meticulously choose the perfume that will be my scented companion for the day. My sensitivity to scents is strong, with certain aromas triggering memories or mood changes. This led me to pursue perfume training, exploring the art of crafting unique scents. Similarly, someone who enjoys experimenting with outfits could start an ‘outfit inspiration’ page. The key is to pay attention to those little sparks of happiness – they might blossom into fulfilling hobbies.
  2. Hobbies can also emerge from the need to cope with stress or challenges. During a demanding work placement, I craved an escape. I discovered yoga and mindfulness, which allowed me to find peace. Also, my love of desserts was causing me to worry about my physical health and appearance, so I began experimenting with healthier recipes, eventually sharing them on Instagram. What started as a coping mechanism evolved into a true passion.

Taking a step further
Hobbies are not just for fun; they can also become a source of income. Many people turn their passions into profitable side gigs or full-time careers, often referred to as ‘slasher careers’. Whether it’s offering photography services or teaching yoga classes, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, hobbies are vital for a balanced and fulfilling life. They provide a necessary break from our routines, help us discover new passions, and can even lead to new career opportunities. So, take the time to explore different hobbies – your future self will thank you.


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