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Warwick Student Cinema shortlisted for 2024 Film Society of the Year Awards

Warwick Student Cinema has been praised after it was nominated for two categories in the Film Society of the Year Awards, set to take place in June 2024.

The student cinema, one of the university’s oldest societies, has been selected as a candidate for Best Film Programme, and Best Student Cinema. The shortlist was announced by Cinema For All, a national charity set up to support community cinemas in the UK.

Daniel Kallin, President of Warwick Student Cinema, said: “It’s really exciting for us to conclude our 50th anniversary year with two short-listings for Best Student Cinema and Best Film Programme, especially after all the hard work everyone on our crew put into huge events like Barbenheimer or our alumni reunion.”

It’s easy to forget how unique an opportunity it is for students to run a cinema on top of their degrees

Daniel Kallin, President, Warwick Student Cinema

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget how unique an opportunity it is for students to run a cinema on top of their degrees, but being recognised by the Film Society of the Year Awards is a great reminder of the incredible things we can achieve.”

Established in 1973, Warwick Student Cinema is an entirely student-run independent cinema, dedicated to showcasing films to members of the university and the general public.

Since its inception, the society has held film screenings in the university’s L3 Lecture Theatre in the Science Concourse, using industry-level digital equipment and 35/70mm projectors.

Max Pike, Vice President for Societies for Warwick Students’ Union, praised the “top quality cinema experience” provided by the society, stating: “We are all so proud of what you’ve been able to achieve and are looking forward to see what’s next!”

The Film Society of the Year Awards have been honouring cinema societies since 1969. Highlights in its history include an appearance by film star Tony Curtis to present an award at the ceremony in 1987.

The 2024 ceremony is set to take place at the annual Community Cinema Conference, at the Showroom Workstation, Sheffield, on 22 June.


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