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Lando Norris: From fan favourite to Grand Prix champion

Whether you’re a diehard Formula One fan, or just an occasional watcher, everyone can agree that Lando Norris’ win at the Miami Grand Prix is something to truly be excited about. It’s always rewarding to see the “nice guy” win, as Giles Richards nicknamed him, with Norris’ win in Miami being the culmination of 110 race starts and 15 podiums throughout his 19 year career in the motorsports world.

Norris’ win may have come as a shock to Formula One fans, especially amid the Max Verstappen reign which has been dominating the Formula One world for the past three years. Perhaps this is a moment of relish, not just for Norris and his well-deserved victory, but also for those wanting to see a bit more excitement in the competition, especially surrounding the turmoil at Red Bull at the moment. As suggested by Andrew Benson, the impression of Red Bull is that it is a “slowly imploding” team – Norris’ win is arguably non-coincidental considering the recently announced departure of Red Bull design chief, Adrian Newey.

Nevertheless, Norris won with more than just luck. The safety car addition in lap 28 allowed Norris to gain some tremendous pace in his newly upgraded McLaren car, all whilst Verstappen suffered car damage. Combining these, and a close competition with Verstappen’s racing prowess, Norris managed to confidently win the race with a 7.6 second lead by the closing 57th lap. As Norris took the prized first place and the game-changing 25 points, Verstappen took second, followed by Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc.

The future is bright for Lando Norris, and his Miami Grand Prix win does so much to solidify his inevitable future successes in the Formula One world

It was clear to see how much this win at Miami meant to Norris, telling interviewers after his win: “It’s been a long time coming. Finally, I’ve managed to do it.” The scenes of him jumping into the crowds of the McLaren team proved to be an emotional moment for all those present.

Norris was flocked by fellow drivers and close friends, such as ex-teammate Daniel Ricciardo and long-time pal George Russell, all enjoying the immense celebrations surrounding his win.

From his popularity in the public eye, the race-track, and in the paddock, Norris’s win became so much more than a sweet victory, with Martin Brundle stating: “He’s a super popular young man is Lando Norris.”

So what comes next for Norris, now that he has accomplished many people’s dream of winning a Formula One race? Whilst only being 24 years old, and suggestions that the pressure is finally off for him, will he lose steam or keep up the fight as usual? Norris himself answers this question, stating: “And after all of this…we’re just getting started.”

The future is bright for Lando Norris, and his Miami Grand Prix win does so much to solidify his inevitable future successes in the Formula One world.


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