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Brunch: the best of both worlds

For many of us, there are just three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s simple, it’s repetitive, and it’s what we’ve been used to our whole lives. However, for those of us who like to spice up our lives a little bit, there also exists a magical time of day where breakfast and lunch come together to create a delightful experience known as brunch.

Brunch offers something for everyone. It’s not just a meal: it’s an event, a trend, and for many, a way of life. There’s just so on much offer: eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, omelettes, quiche, burritos, sandwiches, muffins, fruit, coffee, smoothies, and juice – honestly, the list is endless.

Boston Tea Party in Leamington Spa is my go-to place for brunch: the atmosphere is perfect

As a student, I am particularly fond of brunch. Unlike the rush of breakfast or the formality of dinner, brunch offers a much more relaxed and unhurried eating experience. It gives me a leisurely start to the day without the pressure of early morning stresses and commitments. Combining breakfast and lunch often provides me with a very good meal that feels like great value for the price.

Brunch offers the perfect blend of food, socialising, and relaxation. Being a combination of two meals of the day, menus are often very diverse, with options ranging from sweet to savoury. Whatever you’re craving, from burgers to pancakes, brunch caters to a wide range of tastes.

Boston Tea Party in Leamington Spa is my go-to place for brunch: the atmosphere is perfect. It’s light, bright, and airy, with seating across two floors including a glass topped downstairs section. It’s such a cosy and welcoming environment (which is also dog-friendly). There are lots of plants and sunny corners of the café that truly enhance the overall dining experience. Their menu is vast – I try to get something different every time. You can’t beat a good English Breakfast (and theirs is good), but they also offer pastries and sweet treats for those of you who prefer a much lighter meal. Whatever you’re craving, I’m sure they have it.

Another place I’d recommend is Gusto Ricco Café in Leamington Spa. The look of the place is stunning, small and cluttered yet peaceful and welcoming. The place is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, promoting relaxation and social interaction, both of which complement the food. The ambience and atmosphere of a place are just as important as the food they offer, as it encourages guests to return for future brunches and recommend it to their friends (as I am doing now). It is small, but keep a lookout for it, as their food is excellent.

It’s a great way to socialise without all the academic stress and is a cost-effective way for students to combine two meals into one

And finally, my last recommendation is Shakeaway in Coventry. A big meal to start the day isn’t always for everyone, especially if you’re about to take an exam or go to a job interview – sometimes we just can’t stomach it. However, I do love a good milkshake. A friend introduced me to Shakeaway and now I can’t get enough of it. They use over 180 real ingredients to create millions of milkshake combinations along with real fruit smoothies. They have seating inside and outside along with Shakeaway Radio and Shakeaway TV to keep you entertained while you enjoy your drink. With flavours from caramel to marmite, Shakeaway will always have you coming back to try something new.

Brunch has always appealed to me, especially as a student. When our schedules start to become a bit irregular and unpredictable during exam season, (especially if we are revising well into the night), brunch is sometimes all we need. It’s a great way to socialise without all the academic stress and is a cost-effective way for students to combine two meals into one. Taking time to enjoy brunch (rather than grabbing a piece of toast in the early morning hours) serves as a mental break for us students – it aligns well with our lifestyles and more people should try it. It could change your life!

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  • I never thought I’d be reading an article about brunch but this really sums up how beneficial it can be haha! 🙂

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