Warwick Student Adrian Lewis with medal
Image: Adrian Lewis

‘A feat above all’: Warwick Student to compete in Copenhagen Ironman for Charity

An Ironman is one of the pinnacles of sporting achievement. With a time limit of 17 hours, competitors from across the world must complete a colossal triathlon, traversing a 140-mile gauntlet over land, by sea, and on wheels. For many, even the training that must be undertaken to be fit to participate in an Ironman is a daunting task.

Not so for Warwick Student Adrian Lewis, who will be jetting off to Copenhagen in August for Denmark’s Ironman triathlon to raise money for St Kentigern Hospice. Lewis claims to have had no experience of triathlon prior to his training – making what he has set out to achieve all the more impressive.

“It’s an incredible thing to balance while studying Morse”, Adrian told The Boar. “I knew when I took this on something had to give.”

“I could have done a marathon or something smaller, but my Naini meant the world to me. I chose a feat above all”

Adrian has decided to run in remembrance of his Naini (Welsh for grandma), who sadly passed away last year. His chosen charity, St Kentigern Hospice, is close to his heart after providing comforting end-of-life care. Since September of last year, Adrian has made it his mission to give back – “even if I can raise enough to pay for one night of care, that’s one night that might stay with a family forever”.

Support for Adrian’s campaign has already been incredible, and is showing no signs of slowing down, with over £1,900 already raised through his JustGiving page. “I’ve had incredible support from so many people, whether that’s through donations or best wishes. With so many people supporting, I can’t let them down.”

As a full time student, sticking consistently to the training programme required to compete among the best of the best in Copenhagen has been a test of Adrian’s dedication and endurance. “The key to training for it is consistency. If I take a week off it puts me three weeks back.”

The overwhelming support Adrian has received for what is truly a massive undertaking as an athlete keeps him going. “People have asked, ‘Why an Ironman? Why not do a marathon?'”, reflects Lewis, who only completed his first marathon a few weeks ago. “They’re right. I could have done a marathon or something smaller, but my Naini meant the world to me. I chose a feat above all.”

Despite his lofty ambitions and months of training, Adrian understands that his journey is still far from over. When in Copenhagen, he will have to complete a gruelling extended version of the typical triathlon, undertaking a 112-mile bike ride up Denmark’s west coast after a 2.4-mile saltwater swim in Copenhagen’s bay. After all this, he will still have a full length marathon to complete to get across the line and be dubbed an Ironman.

But if his determination to reach this stage and to continue raising so much for charity is anything to go by, there’s no doubt that Adrian Lewis will give it his all in Copenhagen, running not just for a cause that means everything to him, but also to give others the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones properly. His fighting spirit is infectious, and all of Warwick Sport will be behind him in Denmark this Summer.

If you would like to donate to Adrian’s Ironman efforts, you can access his JustGiving page here.


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