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There’s something about Kylie

If a name had to come to mind for someone in the world who is having the most fun right now, it would be hard to think of anyone other than the indefatigable, Kylie Minogue.

The last few weeks for Minogue have been nothing short of stellar. From the lead single of 2023’s Tension and modern club classic ‘Padam Padam’ claiming the Grammy for Best Pop Dance Recording, to Minogue herself being awarded a Global Icon Award at the Brit Awards, closing the show and doing “a shoey” with host Roman Kemp, her emphatic resurgence doesn’t show any signs of slowing any time soon.

In a career that has spanned nearly forty years, seeing her become the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time, the only woman to chart in the UK top ten in every decade since the 1980s and claim nine UK No.1 albums, the Melbourne-born singer has rightfully earned the title of  “Pop Princess” – a crown which continues to glisten brighter and brighter as acclaim for the music legend swells. In a pop industry notorious for its ruthlessness and misogyny in its treatment of female artists, particularly once over the age of forty, Minogue simply refuses to dim her light. Indeed, this survival in such an industry was celebrated in the singer’s recent duet with none other than Madonna to mark International Women’s Day, performing a joint rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s iconic ‘I Will Survive’. Such a song perfectly captures the spirit and essence at the heart of Minogue as an artist, reflecting a sense of joy and celebration for a life that has enchanted many since the 80s. She delights audiences with a slew of dazzling costume changes and reveals, effortlessly pumps out choreo to ‘Can’t Get You out of My Head’ in six-inch platform heels, and leaves fans cast with joyous, infectious rays as she shines to the ethereal ‘All the Lovers’ under a rainfall of confetti. As BBC music correspondent Mark Savage describes, “Other performers want you to see the effort, the sweat and the tears. Kylie just shimmers.”

In every essence, Minogue radiates her love for performing, her love of music and most importantly, her love for life

The joy and celebration of life drawn from Minogue’s music has proven to be irresistible for both critics and regular audiences alike, with Rolling Stone UK describing Tension as possessing a “huge amount of heart that brings big emotions to the dancefloor – much like its creator”. What truly makes this sense of heart, however, is the authenticity behind the performance itself. In her acceptance for her Global Icon Award, Minogue, leading from emotion and without a written speech, honours the fans that have been with her for a “lifetime” and the love of music which brings them all together. In every essence, Minogue radiates her love for performing, her love of music and most importantly, her love for life.

In 2005, the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36, leading to postponed tour dates and the withdrawal from her highly anticipated Glastonbury set. Fourteen years later in 2019, she would take to the Pyramid Stage for the coveted legend’s slot at the festival. During the performance, Minogue choked up as she reflected on finally getting to the stage after that time, saying how she “wished things were different – but life is what it is,” before defiantly celebrating, “We’re all here together in this moment… our stories together.” The set would become the most watched in Glastonbury’s history at the time, beating modern music titans such as Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé, a true ode to the celebration of life, heart and togetherness through music.

This success exists as a testament to Minogue’s force of personality and cross-generation popularity which perhaps only has the potential to be matched in the future by the likes of Adele or Dua Lipa, who both evoke a sense of charisma and joy for performance like that branded by Minogue.

Minogue brings magic through her performance and her music which truly electrifies the spirit

So, what’s next for Aussie sensation? Well the singer certainly shows no signs of slowing any time soon, continuing to dazzle audiences with her acclaimed Vegas residency show, the success of which has sparked rumours of a potential “residency for life” being offered to her, something never seen before. Beyond Vegas, Minogue is also set to deliver headline sets at OUTLOUD Music Festival for West Hollywood Pride in Los Angeles, Australia’s Splendour in the Grass festival, in addition to BST Hyde Park in July, setting up what looks to be a memorable Summer for the pop icon.

For those lucky enough to experience it in person, Minogue brings magic through her performance and her music which truly electrifies the spirit. Her longevity and success aren’t simply down to the genre-bending fluidity of her sound, or her ability to grow and adapt as an artist. Rather, it’s the unique sense of heart at the core of her performance and the light she exudes which can’t help but draw in anything it touches, a light which only promises to burn brighter as the star continues to illuminate stages across the globe.


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