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Another win for Warwick: Varsity 2024

This year’s varsity competition saw the University of Warwick earn their 34th consecutive victory over Coventry University.

Varsity took place on Saturday 24 February and saw a strong turnout from both universities as students gathered to support and cheer on their friends and teammates.

Warwick, who hosted the event, came away with 32 points, while Coventry earned 4 points. Coventry University have only earned fewer points than this on one other occasion.

The first sport played on the day was men’s dodgeball. This was an exciting event which saw Warwick work well in unison. Although Coventry managed to take a 12-10 lead, Warwick drew level right at the end of the game making the final score 12-12.

Mixed dodgeball saw Warwick come out victorious with a 13-11 victory, although women’s dodgeball ended in an 11-11 draw.

More sports societies were involved in Varsity than ever before and could embrace its brilliant atmosphere

Men’s cricket was played at the same time as dodgeball and was watched on by many spectators. This was an exciting game with a close score and much pre-match anticipation knowing that last year it was one of the few clashes that Warwick did not win. This year the score finished 220-218 to Warwick.

Men’s cricket was followed by volleyball where Coventry won the men’s game but lost the women’s. Warwick then came out victorious in both men’s and women’s hockey, futsal, tennis, cycling, powerlifting, and esports.

The afternoon saw both women’s and men’s football take place on Warwick’s Cryfield pitches. The Warwick men’s team won 3-0; Warwick’s women’s side won by an astounding 10 goals.

The final match, and headline game, of the day was women’s netball. This saw the Warwick women’s netball team showcase their skills as they won by an impressive score of 53-23.

These were not the only matches that took place on the day. The University of Warwick’s mixed netball society had their first ever varsity fixture against Loughborough. This game ended in Loughborough’s favour; however, this was not a fixture where points were recorded.

As well as mixed netball, other non-competitive matches were also held on the day. Women’s cricket, lacrosse, and Thai boxing all took part in friendly fixtures on Varsity day. Through this, more sports societies were involved in Varsity than ever before and could embrace its brilliant atmosphere.

This year’s Varsity also showcased three dance and cheerleading performances. Warwick Devils and Coventry University’s cheerleading squad performed at 5pm – prior to the women’s netball game. Before this, Coventry Dance and Warwick’s Classical Modern Dance society performed in the sports centre. Many came to watch these performances.

The University of Warwick emerged victorious once again; however, arguably this year’s
Varsity was much more competitive than in previous years

As always, Varsity proved to be a very exciting event. This year more people were involved in the day than ever before, the number of games increased on last year, and the build-up to the occasion was enjoyed all across campus.

The University of Warwick emerged victorious once again; however, this year’s Varsity was arguably much more competitive than in previous years. While the points may argue otherwise, many games showed that Coventry’s teams are improving, with it likely that the event becomes even more competitive in the future.


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