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New Science and Engineering Precinct set to transform Warwick campus

The University of Warwick has unveiled plans for an overhaul of its science and engineering buildings in a massive set of construction works set to last a decade.

The University submitted a planning application to Coventry City Council for a brand-new Science and Engineering Precinct, measuring 370,000 square feet and situated at the heart of campus.

The new build is intended to advance Warwick’s science and engineering disciplines, which presently fall short in global rankings compared to the University’s standing more broadly.

Construction will first start with the demolition of several pre-existing buildings on the proposed expansion site. The Physical Sciences building and Blocks A and D of the Engineering building will be knocked down, whilst the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) is set to be completely rebuilt.

Additionally, the current Physics Department building will be integrated into a new building as part of a proposed Science, Engineering, and Medicine education and research hub.

Our vision is to create a world-class Science and Engineering Precinct that transforms the heart of the campus and enables excellence in Research and Education

The University of Warwick

This completely new block, dubbed the ‘Research and Education Building’, is to be built on what is currently a series of car parks behind the Physics and Physical Sciences buildings. It is estimated some 250 parking spaces will be lost, though the University claims transport assessments have determined there would still be adequate space within existing car parks.

These proposed works are to be carried out across three phases. The Research and Education Building will be built, and the Physical Sciences building destroyed, in phase one. Phase two will involve the demolition of the EIC and the refurbishment of the Physics building, while Phase three will see the A and D Blocks of the Engineering Department knocked down and the EIC rebuilt.

Enabling works (which involve preparing a building site so that it is ready for construction) for the project will commence in late spring 2024, subject to planning approval, with the bulk of construction taking place between 2025 and 2033.

In their proposal, the University said: “Our vision is to create a world-class Science and Engineering Precinct that transforms the heart of the campus and enables excellence in Research and Education.

“The highly sustainable, low-carbon, smart, new building infrastructure will establish a new destination that is open, inclusive, and highly connected, to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and promote strong disciplinary identity across Warwick’s science and engineering community.”

Students can inquire about the proposals or provide their own comments on the plan by emailing or calling 024 7615 0708.


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