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Festive fashion finds: unwrapping the best Christmas jumpers for the holiday season

Christmas is nearly here, I can’t believe it! To distract myself from the last-minute gift shopping I still need to do, I have decided it is the perfect time to advise you all on the best Christmas jumpers for this season. Whether you prefer a subtle, sparkly, or stylish jumper, or even an extreme slogan surrounded by Christmas baubles, this article has you covered on what to buy and what not to buy. It’s time to go shopping – next-day delivery doesn’t last forever!

The stylish, sparkly jumper
Rhinestones are officially back in fashion, and it’s not just for celebrities. Who’s even dreaming of a White Christmas this year? I’m dreaming of a classic sparkly Christmas jumper to show off to my friends and family! In the words of Vogue, nothing is better for spreading festive joy than a rhinestone sparkly jumper, and the brands French Connection and Ted Baker have this sorted. Whether you want some subtle sparkle, such as the French Connection Babysoft Diamante Embroidered Jumper’, or something a bit more lavish, like the Ted Baker Limara Sparkle Fairisle Jumper’, both brands have achieved your Christmas dreams of sparkles in a very stylish way.

However, I know the student lifestyle doesn’t really cover these rather expensive jumpers, so if you are looking for sparkles on a budget, Next and Debenhams have some great options. Even your local shops have some great choices, such as Sainsbury’s brand Tu and their ‘Charcoal Christmas Party Sequin Jumper‘, or homeware retailer Matalan and their ‘Red Sequin Penguin Christmas Jumper’. I think you should definitely buy yourself a sparkly Christmas jumper, they’re smart and officially on trend!

The classic Fair Isle jumper
I must be honest with everyone: I had to research what those complicated, woven, line-design jumpers were called. To my surprise, the ‘Fair Isle’ jumper is named after a tiny island off the coast of Scotland. Originally knitted for fishermen and, lately, the royal family, Fair Isle jumpers have become a staple of Christmas fashion.

If you want to go for that cosy, homely look this Christmas, my choice of retailer to buy a classic Fair Isle jumper would have to be White Stuff, with their ‘Wool Blend’ jumpers being my absolute favourite. 

Although their jumpers look equally stylish and snug over the winter months, their patterns are very bold. If you want something a bit more subtle in the classic Fair Isle pattern, H&M fits this brief and on a more suitable budget, with their ‘Polo-Neck Jacquard-Knit Jumper’ coming in multiple colours and still giving that après-ski, classic winter look.

Personally, Fair Isle jumpers are a favourite of mine. Not only do they fit the Christmas brief without being too over-the-top, they can be worn stylishly with jeans and a lovely scarf throughout the winter months. They make you look seasonal and cosy all at the same time.

The slogan jumper
Arguably the most classic Christmas jumper and the safest choice, you cannot go wrong with a slogan Christmas jumper. Whether you go for the standard ‘Merry Christmas’, surrounded by decorative baubles and Christmas trees, or a motivational statement like ‘Yule Got This’ or ‘I Am the Gift’, they always fit the brief.

The real question with the slogan Christmas jumpers is how far is too far. Is your Louis Theroux jumper adorned with the words ‘Dashing Theroux the Snow’ an iconic fashion choice, or inviting unnecessary questions from the extended family? The British iconic Christmas jumpers truly push this boundary. Like, can I get away with wearing a ‘Merry Christmas You Philfy Animals’ jumper with a collage of photos of Eastenders’ Phil Mitchell on the front when I see my relatives after a few months? 

If you truly want to impress your friends and family, you could start some fun conversations with a Wordle Christmas jumper I’ve found. I bet your grandparents would love that one. My advice is to go wild on the choice of design. It’s Christmas after all, you can blame your questionable fashion choices on the Bucks Fizz!

The novelty jumper
I have to start this section with a personal story from a Christmas a few years ago involving my dad and his choice of jumper for his work Christmas party. My dad bought a sweatshirt (not even a traditional jumper!) with a set of abs decorated with bauble piercings and Christmassy tattoos after saying he would buy a sensible Christmas jumper. To my horror, this awful jumper kept appearing for years, and I still can’t forgive him for the embarrassment I felt.

 On that note, the novelty Christmas jumper, similar to the slogan jumper, is where creativity sparks and embarrassment takes place. My favourite novelty Christmas jumper moment in pop culture has to be Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary, attending the annual turkey curry buffet wearing that hideous turtleneck Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer jumper

Speaking of reindeer, this Christmas you can buy yourself a reindeer jumper with light-up flashing antlers if you feel the need to match your Christmas tree. Keeping up with the lights theme, you can also buy a jumper with LED lights flashing on Santa’s beard. I think these light-up jumpers are the way to go to spare your friends and family from cringing too hard. For bonus points, you’ll even be seen in the dark with these jumpers! 


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