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A guide to breakfast

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day, long advertised by the cereal industry as the best way to start your day. Yet, it is arguably the most neglected meal of the day, overlooked in favour of an extra five minutes in bed. Given how the mornings are getting darker, the allure of extra sleep is irresistible. The gloomy weather means many students often skip breakfast, myself included. However, I have recently been on a mission to allow myself time for breakfast, to varying degrees of success.  

One key benefit of eating breakfast is that I can sit through morning classes without spending the last 30 minutes fantasising about food, or worse, half asleep. I no longer indulge in a post-seminar raspberry croissant from Caffè Nero with my coffee. This is a breakfast replacement that my bank balance informs me is unsustainable, especially at the back end of the term when my budget is dwindling. Fortunately, breakfast now has a time in my day, and my ability to focus has returned.  

 After experiencing the benefits of eating breakfast, I now understand its reputation. So, as a new breakfast fan, here is my list of favourite breakfast foods. 

1. Porridge 
While seemingly boring, porridge offers endless opportunities for customisation. It is easy to make and budget-friendly, making it a go-to breakfast. Personally, I have my porridge with frozen fruit and vanilla protein powder topped off with granola. If you’re feeling indulgent, you can add Biscoff Spread, or if a sweet breakfast isn’t for you, there are plenty of savoury options. Moreover, if you’re struggling for time in the morning, porridge can easily be adapted into overnight oats and prepped the night before. Nourishing and filling, porridge is a fantastic way to start the day.

 2. Breakfast Bagel 
Another classic breakfast choice is a bagel. You get a healthy and flavourful breakfast by putting together leafy greens, tomatoes, tofu scramble (scrambled eggs also work!), sriracha, and Everything But The Bagel seasoning. If that still isn’t tasty enough, swap butter with pesto for a herby burst of flavour. Another upside to the breakfast bagel is its portability. Like burritos, it can be wrapped in tin foil and eaten on the go, which is perfect for those mornings when you’re in a rush.

3. Smoothie Bowl  
A twist on the traditional smoothie that is more substantial, the smoothie bowl is a perfect, healthy breakfast. It is an ideal opportunity to sneak in extra vegetables like spinach and avocado, and still get a tasty breakfast. This pick requires virtually no work, as the blender does it all for you. Moreover, it is easy to meal prep as you can add your chosen ingredients to a sandwich bag and, in the morning, add them to your blender alongside the milk or juice. Then, add your toppings and voila, you have a perfect lazy breakfast.

 4. Spicy Beans and Toast  
This breakfast item is a personal favourite. Adding some spices to the humble baked bean can transform it from bland to delicious. This breakfast is convenience incarnate, requiring only a microwave and a toaster. Simply add paprika, cumin, garam masala, turmeric, and optionally, chilli flakes if you want an extra kick to a tin of beans, and enjoy. Another upside to this breakfast is the comfort factor. It is remarkably warming and reminiscent of childhood breakfasts.

 5. Fry-up 
Last but certainly not least, the fry-up is a heavyweight champion of the breakfast world. Unpretentious, the fry-up has been a breakfast staple for years. It makes for the perfect hangover breakfast – nothing combats ‘hangxiety’ quite like the greasy and satisfying fry-up. While the components of a fry-up have been long debated, this means you can build your own: it can be customised to satisfy specific cravings. Definitely unhealthy and requiring some effort (whether it be making your own or walking to the local Wetherspoons), this is a certified weekend treat.

During this time of year, mornings can be particularly challenging, and breakfast can seem like an extra hurdle, but I hope this list provides inspiration. Breakfast can supply a significant amount of energy, which has powered me through this deadline season, and has given me something worth getting out of bed for.  


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