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Smosh Games: the ultimate YouTube games channel

Smosh Games is one of my most favourite YouTube channels of all time and I am here today to praise its greatness. Launching in 2012, the channel still continues to release many videos associated with all things ‘games’ – Board Games, role-playing games, Wii games, Nintendo Switch games, you name it, they have it!

Secret Hitler

One of my most favourite board games to watch on this YouTube channel is ‘Secret Hitler’.

Though at first the rules seem a bit complicated, the cast of ‘Smosh Games,’ do a great job in making it simple to understand.

Before play, each person is secretly assigned to one of three roles: Liberal, Fascist, or Hitler. Not knowing anyone’s identities, players are set to competitively enact liberal and fascist policies. It is a game of trust, betrayal, and deception.

Having backgrounds in acting, I particularly enjoy watching the cast of ‘Smosh Games’ play this board game. They are all extremely talented and are able to lie very easily. To make their videos even more entertaining, they let their viewers know at the beginning of the game who is a liberal, who is a fascist, and of course who is Hitler. This makes their videos very amusing to watch as we know who is being lied to and who is being betrayed.

Try Not to Win

Possibly one of their most stupid ideas to date. ‘Try Not to Win,’ is exactly what you think it is. In one of their videos ‘Try Not to Win Mario Party 64,’ some of the cast battle it out against each other to not come in 1st place. Yes, it sounds stupid, but it is very funny.

Along with the very comical graphics of ‘Mario Party 2,’ watching four friends trying their very best to not win is absolutely hilarious. Watching them celebrate over rolling low numbers on the dice felt so backwards and I’ve never found myself rooting for someone to lose so much. Along with Mario Party 64, ‘Smosh Games,’ have also done ‘Try Not to Win,’ Mario Kart, Wii Bowling, and Pummel Party. Whoever does the worst at these games wins, a concept I didn’t think I’d enjoy as much as I do now.

With so many videos to choose from, and so many new ones being released constantly, I honestly think that absolutely anyone would enjoy at least something on this channel

Dungeons and Dragons

Being a fairly new addition to their channel, Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game that five of the ‘Smosh Games’ cast play together. There are 9 episodes to watch and, though being fairly long, are very entertaining.

The five cast members who play this game, some experienced some not, role-play as their own characters. There is an entire episode dedicated to them explaining their character’s personalities and skills (“Meeting Your Heroes”). Angela plays as ‘Bug,’ a goblin, cleric of the trickster domain. Amanda plays as ‘Delores Paradise,’ a halfling who is also a warlock. Chanse plays as ‘Koda’ a summer elf wizard who is a very good blade singer. Shayne plays as ‘Fergie’ an eight-foot-tall wooden robot, a druid war forged. And last but not least is Damien, the very talented Dungeons Master.

I never really knew much about Dungeons and Dragons before watching it being played on ‘Smosh Games,’ but now, after watching all 9 episodes, I have come to appreciate the effort and skill that goes into playing it. I’d highly recommend you watch it too.

Trivial Pursuit

Just like their ‘Try Not to Win,’ series, ‘Smosh Games,’ puts their own funny twist on the very classic board game, ‘Trivial Pursuit.’ In the normal game, the board is shaped like a 6-spoke wheel – players move round the board with the intention of collecting a wedge from each of the wedge-marked spaces in order to return to the centre to answer a final question.

In the ‘Smosh Games,’ version, though following very similar rules, in order to collect a wedge, the player answering the question must make the person asking the question laugh. If they succeed, they get a wedge. A fairly simple twist, but a very funny one indeed.

My favourite pair to play this game was definitely Damien and Shayne – their comedic timing is impeccable and, being childhood friends, they got to a point in the game where they could literally say anything to make the other person laugh.

I think I can officially say that ‘Smosh Games,’ is my comfort YouTube channel. With so many videos to choose from, and so many new ones being released constantly, I honestly think that absolutely anyone would enjoy at least something on this channel. These games I’ve selected today are just to name a few, there are so many more out there just waiting to be watched: Monopoly Cheaters Edition, Herd Mentality, Jackbox, The Game of Life, Sims 4 – the list is endless!

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  • I really like the games you chose from their endless list of videos as it really highlights the variety of games the channel offers! Very well explained! 🙂

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