Image: John Smith/Unsplash
Image: John Smith/Unsplash

Lights out and away we go: How the Small Torque Podcast makes F1 feel like home

It has taken me until my final year of uni, but I have finally discovered a love for Formula 1. Growing up, I had a close friend who loved motorsport, so it was always in my peripheral, but only recently has it entered the forefront of my attention. It all began with some casual viewing of Drive to Survive, which quickly developed into a genuine interest in the drivers lives and has now led me to waking up at stupid o’clock to watch races around the world.  

However, with over 70 years of history, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to decipher everything that is going on. Constant updates and changes means that the world of F1 is continuously growing, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the major motorsport talking points. 

I’ve also had a difficult relationship with podcasts in the past– I tried when they first began to gain popularity, but I found that I zone out easily, and I prefer video or written content. However, I have recently started walking to campus from Canley, and I thought it time I gave podcasts a second chance. So I started looking for a relaxed but informative podcast that could help me to refine my newfound passion of racing, and this is when I discovered the Small Torque Podcast, hosted by Katy Fairman (Huge props for a pun title). 

Katy has a way of explaining the complicated into simple terms that even an F1 newbie like me can understand. 

Katy is a motorsport journalist and former WTF1 editor, meaning she tends to have a pretty good grasp on what is going down on the track. She’s been hosting this podcast since February 2023, with informal, fun episodes every other week recapping what’s been happening recently in the world of fast cars and their drivers. She has a certain style of presenting which honestly makes it feel like sitting down with a friend over a cuppa. Plus, Katy has a way of explaining the complicated into simple terms that even an F1 newbie like me can understand.  

On top of that, I have found it really refreshing to get female representation in this very male-dominated sport, so listening to Katy is really inspiring, especially in terms of what she has achieved in this field. Having been writing about F1 since she was 17, it wasn’t an easy journey, but her career has now seen her in paddocks, media pens and at the biggest races around the globe! 

there is no better way to get all the news in an enjoyable, bite-sized way.

Small Torque Podcast has even reached #3 on the UK’s top sports podcasts and been featured on Spotify billboards in Times Square. Recently, Katy has also signed a contract with a popular US magazine, Sports Illustrated, which will allow her to conduct interviews with more drivers and team bosses than ever before! With her passion for the sport, it feels obvious to me why this podcast has become such a success in the genre.  

So if you’re new to the world of motorsport, and are looking for an easy way in, I would highly recommend giving the Small Torque Podcast a go. With 30 minute episodes giving the vibe of a voice note from your f1-crazed bestie, there is no better way to get all the news in an enjoyable, bite-sized way. And if you’re already a formula fan, I would recommend giving her ‘2026 Grid Predictions’ episode a listen, it is an entertaining look into how the sport may look in a mere three years’ time. 

At heart,  Small Torque Podcast may seem simple, but the care and respect Katy has for the sport, topped with her engaging personality and unique voice makes this a really compelling listen, and has managed to convert me into a genuine podcast fan. Do you have any F1 podcasts you would recommend, let me know!


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