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Warwick students and professors attend pro-Palestine march on campus

Roughly 150 students and professors marched across Warwick’s campus yesterday in support of Palestine.

The protest was organised by an association of various Warwick University activist groups and was the first march of its kind this academic year.

Demonstrations began when students gathered at the Piazza around noon. Organisers of the protest spoke to those present about how the march should be carried out, specifying that campus security should not be interacted with and that protestors should remain peaceful.

The leaders also stated that they believed there was an “extreme level of repression of Palestinian activism at UK universities”.

Today we demonstrated that the Palestinian liberation movement is a cause close to the hearts of so many students and staff

Leaders of the protest march


The demonstration began with students walking from the Piazza towards Library Road through the Social Sciences’ courtyard. The march then continued past the Library and towards buildings that are part of the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG).

Students could be seen holding banners and chanting “Free, free Palestine”

Protesters proceeded to walk past the Faculty of Arts Building and the Oculus until they reached Senate House, where the demonstration ended with a series of speeches by students and professors.

One chant used by protesters was: “Stuart, Stuart, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!”

This was in reference to Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor and President of Warwick University. The Boar understands that the chant stemmed from discontent regarding the University’s ties with Rolls-Royce and Moog.

Warwick’s connections with the two defence suppliers were a common theme in speeches and chants throughout the day. One anonymous speaker said: “Campus [is] invested in the preservation of British Imperialism”.

The leaders of the protest told The Boar in a statement: “Today we demonstrated that the Palestinian liberation movement is a cause close to the hearts of so many students and staff. We forged an intersectional and accessible space for us to grieve in solidarity, listening to speeches, poetry, and prose from every part of our community.”

They also provided a list of demands to the University of Warwick. These demands included calls for the University to no longer invite companies they claim are associated with Israel to careers fairs and employment events. These companies include JCB, Leonardo, and BAE Systems.

They further demanded that the University condemn recent Israeli actions in Gaza and pledge to uphold freedom of speech for Palestinian staff, students, and their advocates.

Evan McMullan, who was representing Warwick Marxist Society, told The Boar: “Concrete action is needed. The SU needs to put forward a motion to cut ties with Rolls-Royce and Moog immediately.”

Leaders said it “was no coincidence” the march paused outside buildings part of WMG


Both students and staff attended the march, including Dr Myka Tucker-Abramson from the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies.

Dr Tucker-Abramson delivered a public speech in which she criticised the UK government’s response to the recent events in Gaza.

Professor Croft, Dr Tucker-Abramson, and the University of Warwick have been approached for comment.


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