Coventry nightclub Kasbah set to open new roof terrace

Coventry nightclub Kasbah has been given the green light to open its new roof terrace.

The club, which is popular amongst Warwick students, had planning permission granted for the new rooftop terrace bar in July 2021.

The terrace will include a bar area, as well as areas for 150 customers to stand and sit.

Plans proposed also include LED and festoon lighting, alongside covered seating. There will not be any music played on the rooftop bar, and there is no intention to increase the capacity of the club.

The planning permission had initially been given with several conditions. Kasbah applied to Coventry City Council to remove three of them, which was subsequently approved.

The application included a proposal to discharge the conditions on lighting details; management strategy and security measures; and materials.

Following Kasbah’s application, a thorough risk assessment was written. It included 13 potential hazards and how the club will prevent these from occurring.

According to CoventryLive, documents show the club’s roof terrace will now have LED planters and lighting by covered seating, grey cladding on the wall, and stairs up to the roof which will be enclosed in glass.

Kasbah has now been given the green light for the terrace, along with its updated design and layout, to go ahead.

With 3 rooms of music, a large garden & BBQ, a rooftop terrace is all that was missing and we can’t wait for it to be open!

Kasbah Nightclub

Kasbah’s location on Primrose Hill Street in Coventry places it in close proximity to the University of Warwick – it is therefore a popular destination for students. The journey from the University to the club is 30 minutes by bus and many students will be excited at the prospect of a rooftop terrace.

Kasbah shared exclusively with The Boar: “We’re very excited for the roof top to be open. This will be used during the Spring/Summer months. We believe it’s yet another reason to come to Kasbah! With 3 rooms of music, a large garden & BBQ, a rooftop terrace is all that was missing and we can’t wait for it to be open!”



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