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The ultimate freshers guide

Welcome freshers! After your gruelling exams and a hopefully more relaxing summer, you’ve finally made it to the big Wick. This guide hopes to serve you well as you adjust to the ups and downs of university life. Given that you picked up a print copy of The Boar, you’re on the right track, but what now?

Work-Life balance
University is a strange place where day-to-day living, work, and socialising all get melted into one messy lifestyle that can become hectic and overwhelming. It’s important to go out and socialise, but learning to say no is equally valuable if it’s becoming too much. FOMO be damned, I want a quiet night in for myself every now and then. Beware of the most dangerous phrase, “I’ll go if you go’’ – I’m guilty of being caught out by that one more than once.

With over three hundred societies to choose from, there is a community here for everyone. If you don’t know where to start, chances are your course will have its own society, or tag along with a friend to one of theirs. It’s the perfect opportunity to start something new or carry on with something you do already. Societies run a number of exciting socials and events throughout the year.

Pop! is our beloved Wednesday night ritual where we celebrate making it to the middle of the week by getting hammered and dancing to cheesy music. When the clock strikes midnight, and you’re wondering, “Why is everyone swinging their shirts above their heads while the Baywatch theme plays?” know that after a whole year, I’ve still not figured it out either. Any sane person will escape to the back of the room or the smoking area until it calms down, but you’re welcome to join in if you like. The best part isn’t the music (that’s the same every week), but instead the fact that everyone you know will be there. Be aware that tickets sell out quickly in the first few weeks, so look out for when they go up for sale.

Our greatest tradition. “What is circling?” I hear you ask. I can tell you, but you’ll have to down a pint of purple. It’s a social event that societies run before SU club nights, which involves unique drinking games, outfit themes and smug non-first years who know all the rules. Most of the fun comes from finding out about it yourself and learning the hard way, so I implore you to do so at least once to find out if it’s for you. Just know that it is a great time, and there’s nothing quite like it.

Fresher’s flu
The notorious bugbear that plagues us every year. Fresher’s flu will happen to you. Suppose it doesn’t, consider yourself very lucky. Be prepared for this inevitability. If, like me, you didn’t boost your immune system, be sure to bring paracetamol, multivitamins, and whatever else keeps you comfortable with a cold. The most important thing is not letting it slow you down too much. It’s never fun to get ill, but try your best to make the most of your first freshers despite this challenge.

Explore campus
Warwick’s campus might seem daunting at first, but it has much to offer. The piazza is the centre of life at Warwick, flanked by the SU, the Arts Centre, and the Rootes Building for a variety of food and leisure activities. Find out where the library is and save that for later: you will need it. I recommend checking out the FAB and its Hogwartsy staircases, admiring the Sports Centre with its formidable climbing wall, and attempting to walk to Westwood and back without getting lost. The possibilities are endless!

Venture into the world beyond
Get to know the area outside of campus: chances are you’ll be living off-site next year. For some, that means staying in the locale of Cannon Park and Canley, while for others, it means inner Coventry or Leamington Spa. There is an abundance of things to get up to and sights to see – idyllic cafes, pubs and bars, picturesque parks, and restaurants galore.

This is all the insight I have to offer from my personal experiences. At the end of the day, your experience will be unique, and the best adventures are the ones that you seek out for yourself. Soon enough, you’ll be a weary second-year like me, so enjoy it!


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