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Broadcasting from the Students’ Union HQ at the heart of campus, Radio At Warwick (RAW) is your nationally acclaimed student radio station. We aim to be the perfect audio addition to the life of a Warwick student, with content to make you laugh, think, or unwind through a busy day of lectures. There’s something for everyone through our five on-air departments: Arts, Music, News, Speech, and Sport.

One of our studios is being developed into a dedicated podcasting space

Like most radio stations, RAW has been adapting to the new world of on-demand listening. One of our studios is being developed into a dedicated podcasting space, an exciting development as we diversify what we offer to our members and listeners. 

Many more of our shows are being shared on podcasting platforms, for people to catch up or listen back. Personally, I have enjoyed the process of turning Insight, our flagship news show, into podcast form. Video clips, or audiograms, from shows have become a staple of our personal social media feeds. This has been another area in which RAW has begun to experiment. 

Podcasting has also allowed shows to include added extras for their audience. The Warwick History Hour podcast is able to bring the extended cut of conversations with academics in the department, about the topics that interest them. 

A very special project between RAW and The Boar is in the works too, an exciting collaboration between the societies.  

We’re looking to expand our podcast offering, and welcome all students to get involved! No previous experience is necessary for joining RAW. So if you have a show idea, we can help give you any training needed with our studio and make your idea happen. If working behind the scenes interests you, our dedicated tech and production teams would love for you to join them. 

Maybe your new show will feature in The Boar’s Podcast section! 

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