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A guide to Warwick’s Finance societies!

  1. Warwick Investment Banking 

Warwick Investment Banking is the newest finance society on campus, and it is really stirring things up with its up and standing approach to tackling the daunting world of investment banking.  

This society is especially focusing on making investment banking more approachable – they welcome beginners and plan to provide a very personal approach to their members. I highly recommend checking out their application tracker if you are thinking of applying to any internships! 

The society’s Chairman, Abdullah Riaz noted: “Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and detailed insight into the world of investment banking and related industries, while promoting diversity and inclusion, to inspire and equip our members with the skills and expertise they need to pursue fulfilling and successful careers in the financial sector. We achieve this through an array of channels including events with industry experts from the world’s leading organisations; an assortment of market awareness, ESG and education reports; workshops and seminars which help members with everything from crafting the perfect CV, to teamwork and leaderships skills; as well as stimulating networking and social events.  A pledge we hold is to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our organisation and the wider circles also. We recognise the importance and power in a diverse and rich establishment and thus we do our upmost to endorse this. We have over 15 nationalities as well as a Women in Investment Banking division, to name a few examples. In line with our vision, we are delighted to announce several new positions that will be open for Warwick students from October 2023. Join us at Warwick Investment Banking and begin paving the way for a successful future in the finance industry.” 



2. Hedge Fund Society 

You can really see how rich Warwick’s finance and economics wing is by looking at the highly specific societies it offers. The only society dedicated to buyside finance, providing analytical experience, expert advice and intense stock pitches, WHFS can be the perfect society to suit your niche interests. The highlight of this society is their prominence in competitions and their speaker events which can provide an idea of the complicated world of the finance industry. 

A member of the society’s executive board added: “Warwick Hedge Fund Society (WHFS) is the only finance society on campus solely dedicated to the art of equity research. In our two years since inception, we have gained a social media following of nearly 2,000, expanded our membership base to more than 300 (including more than 50 active members across our Investment Research and Outreach divisions). Our flagship event is the UK Finance League – the largest in-person stock pitch competition for the most reputed universities in Europe with teams from Cambridge, Oxford, LSE and more competing. In the last two years, WHFS has placed in podium positions in this competition, highlighting the talent and work ethic of our analysts. Furthermore, we host 2 other intra-society competitions, and a virtual stock pitch competition with Ivy league universities – WHFS won this last year. This year, we plan on focusing on developing our analysts with a rigorous 5-week investment training program in Term 1, where everything from stock selection, company analysis, and financial modelling will be taught. If you are interested in being an analyst or our Outreach roles (we welcome any year and degree background), apply via linktree on our Instagram.” 


3. Women in Economics 


Imagine a society where you can meet Nobel Prize winners, learn from leading economists, and make lifelong friends. A society where you can explore your passion for economics, develop your skills, and advance your career. A society where you can be part of a movement that is transforming the field of economics and the world. Warwick Women in Economics (WWiE), is all this and more. 

 WWiE is open to all students who want to promote diversity and inclusion in economics and beyond. With some of the most approachable and helpful exec members around, its CV clinics and interview workshops are one of the best. WWiE offers a range of events and activities throughout the year that will enrich your university life and beyond. You can attend mentoring sessions, flagship events, socials, and more. You can also listen to some of the most inspiring and influential speakers from different fields and backgrounds. They hold an International Women’s Day Conference every year with some very prominent speakers. Some of the past speakers that WWiE has hosted include Dame Carol Popper, Dr. Esther Boler and Dr. Ines Lee. Now that’s an impressive array.  

 Their frequent socials are also something to look out for, especially their fun circling themes. WWiE welcomes students from all backgrounds and disciplines who share their vision of gender-inclusivity in economics, and if that resonates with you, it is definitely something to check out. 


4. Warwick Finance Society 

The domain of finance is huge and varied, and the Warwick Finance Society is a true testament to that. Boasting 2800+ members, it is easily one of the largest societies on campus.  

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is essential. At the University of Warwick, students have found an invaluable resource in the form of the Warwick Finance Society. This dynamic organization has become a hub for financial enthusiasts. 

One of WFS’s standout features is its commitment to fostering financial literacy. Through a series of workshops, seminars, and interactive events, the society equips its members with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the financial world. Whether it’s mastering the art of investment or decoding the intricacies of financial markets, WFS offers a comprehensive learning experience. Releasing weekly market insights, Technical Thursdays and M&A insights, they can help you keep on top of the financial news. You can also attend their Markets Discussions, a weekly catch-up to build up your commercial awareness and discuss and debate with other members. 

WFS’s signature event is in the Shard, London, where they hold a range of panel discussions, conferences and networking events. It attracts top-tier speakers and delegates from across the globe, creating a platform for networking and learning that few other societies can rival. Attendees gain invaluable knowledge from seasoned professionals, offering a unique chance to learn from the best. 

But it’s not all about the numbers and charts; WFS values the holistic development of its members. Social events and networking opportunities ensure a healthy work-life balance. By providing the knowledge, exposure, and connections necessary to succeed in the financial world, WFS empowers its members to gain expertise in finance. So, if you’re a student at the University of Warwick with a passion for finance, look no further – the Warwick Finance Society is your gateway to a bright future in the world of finance. 


5. Warwick Economics Society 

A classic favourite amongst Warwick’s economics students is the Warwick Economics Society, or EconSoc for short. EconSoc is one of the largest academic societies at Warwick. Established in 1989, EconSoc aims to provide its members with high-quality academic support, world-class career opportunities, and memorable social events. 

One of the main attractions of EconSoc is its speaker series, which features world-renowned speakers from various fields of economics, politics and business. Some of the recent speakers include former Governor of the Bank of England Lord Mervyn King, renowned economist and journalist Soumaya Keynes, and Cass Sunstein, author of Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness 

Another benefit of joining EconSoc is the access to top career events and insights. With the support of its sponsors and network, EconSoc organises frequent and engaging career events all year-round to give its members real-world insights and valuable support. These include spring week panels, CV workshops, insight days and networking sessions with representatives from prominent firms.  

It also offers a platform for members to meet, socialise and build their network through hosting a wide range of popular social events every term. These include fresher socials, summer parties, domestic and international tours, and an annual ball. EconSoc also runs sports teams, charity initiatives and a magazine and blog called Assumptions. They also host an Assumptions Podcast, which is something interesting to check out. Its Econ Today events, which provide a briefing of global economic events (along with some free pizza), are some of my favourites. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for their revision sessions during exam season too! 

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  • EconSoc aims to provide its members with high-quality academic support, world-class career opportunities, and memorable social events.

  • Tanush Nichani!

    Don’t forget Warwick Private Equity Society, the fastest growing society on campus!

  • That’s a great statement from the Chairman of Warwick Investment Banking. The society’s mission is to provide a comprehensive understanding of investment banking and related industries while promoting diversity and inclusion. They aim to inspire and equip their members with the necessary skills and expertise to pursue successful careers in the financial sector.

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