Coventry Blaze player in action
Wikimedia Commons/ Cardiff Potter

Coventry Blaze triumphant again

On Sunday evening the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team beat the Fife Flyers 5-0 at The Skydome, in Coventry.

With no goals scored in the first third of the game it was a slow beginning, but with two goals scored in the second third, and three goals in the final third, the Blaze came out on top, delighting home fans.

Blaze took to the ice sporting Reverse Retro jerseys to pay tribute to the early British National League days of the club.

The match kicked off with Blaze captain, Nathanael Halbert, receiving a minor penalty 30 seconds in and being sent to the penalty box for two minutes. The Flyers were unable to capitalise off this power play, and Blaze quickly returned to full strength without conceding a goal.

Coventry Blaze are now only six points behind the Sheffield Steelers

The third ended with both goalkeepers, Paavo Holsa for Blaze and Shane Owen for the Flyers, successfully defending their respective goals.

With eight minutes left of the third, Brady Norrish scored an impressive powerplay goal, the first of the game.

Coventry then made the score 2-0, as Man of the Match, Marly Quince, successfully put the puck to the back of the Flyer’s net.

Coming into the final third, the Blaze fans were in high spirits, and they weren’t left waiting for another goal for long, as Halbert scored just 22 seconds into the final period.

The Blaze then secured two more goals: one from Curran, and then another from Halbert, making it a 5-0 win.

After this victory, the Coventry Blaze are now only six points behind the Sheffield Steelers, who sit one place above them in the league.


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