Image: Andrew Tate / Wikimedia Commons
Image: Andrew Tate / Wikimedia Commons

Why the world needed Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is a name that unless you have had no access to social media, everyone can recognise. With over 14 billion views on videos carrying his hashtag on Tik Tok, and previously 4.5 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, he has become a well-known social media personality. From his most recent arrests to his bans on social media and proclaiming himself a misogynist, he has branded himself on being controversial. He has taken charge of the media, where his content thrives, as nearly every newspaper has his name headlined: ‘Andrew Tate: brainwashing your son to despise girls, ‘How to beat toxic men like Andrew Tate, ‘He’s sexism’s last gasp. These headlines, nevertheless, fail to capture the bigger picture. Why is it so crucial that someone like Andrew Tate has come to light in the media? 

Despite political leaders, can you name another male figure who has received as much media attention as Andrew Tate?

Some can say that Tate has mastered the algorithm for short-form video content. His videos and podcasts are centred around spreading provocative views that grasp attention, as transgressive content sells. The hate that he receives, and the negative criticisms expressed by media outlets have simply inadvertently promoted him. He is the living embodiment of the notion that there’s no such thing as ‘bad publicity. Comparing women to property, viewing his girlfriends as monetary assets”, and claiming women should bear responsibility for being raped are all examples of comments that have garnered attention. His internet persona is predicated off of vocalising ‘cancellable’ opinions, resulting in debates, Tik Tok compilations, reaction videos, and most significantly the banishment of him off social media platforms. However, the media shouldn’t be focused on shunning Andrew Tate, labelling him sexist, and debating whether he should or should not have been banned, as it simply ignores the underlying issue. Despite political leaders, can you name another male figure who has received as much media attention as Andrew Tate? This is why the world needs him. He makes us realise that there aren’t enough male role models in the spotlight for young boys and men. 

The popularity of Andrew Tate’s ‘brand’ extends beyond his contentious sexist remarks; rather, it is also the result of his advocacy for discipline and strength. Describing solutions to depression through ‘exercise, socialising, and constant productivity’ and claiming in his videos he wants guys to become the best version of themselves, appears appealing for boys and men to self-improve. The ‘ideal life’ is depicted on Tate’s website, where he describes himself as a World Champion Kickboxer & Multi-Millionaire filled with images of himself driving convertibles, stepping off flights, eating at fancy restaurants, and relaxing on a yacht.

Men’s issues are largely overlooked and are often disregarded and trivialised

He peddles a beguiling image of male dominance and strength and expresses the benefits and rewards such a thing affords, which young boys and men admire and idolise to achieve. However, young boys and men also look up to him as there is no other prominent social media male figure. As a result, despite Andrew Tate’s negative remarks towards women, they continue to support himWe must acknowledge that the media has paid insufficient attention to males, their challenges, and the empowerment and support they require. 

The failure of mainstream institutions, including governments, the media, and academia to acknowledge and tackle the real problems facing many boys and men has created a vacuum in our politics and in our culture. Men’s issues are largely overlooked and are often disregarded and trivialised. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness that we do not have enough male representatives in the public eye that advocate these issues, hence why this power has been given to Andrew Tate. Men should be able to have role models, not those in which they feel ashamed to admit they support. 

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  • THis is genuinely true. But the thing is we hear a woman not a boy or man so how about we speak louder with taking action to elevate major changes & developments for men which screams misogyny like Top G Andrew Tate satirical , ha ha ha

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