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BREAKING: Warwick SU votes to disaffiliate from the NUS, as ASV results announced

The University of Warwick Students’ Union (SU) has voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS UK) by a margin of 487 votes to 416 in the latest All Student Vote (ASV).

The vote comes after intense campaigning since Wednesday, with leafleting across campus and social media campaigns held by both sides.

The motion mandates the SU to disaffiliate from NUS UK, which is a separate entity from the NUS Charity. As well as requiring the President, Will Brewer, and Vice President for Democracy and Development, Jack Sperry, to explore “alternative models of national cooperation with other Student Unions”.

The vote follows an announcement yesterday that the University of Oxford Students’ Union will hold a similar vote in the next 8 weeks.

Alongside the vote to disaffiliate, the ASV also saw the narrow rejection, by a margin of just 24 votes, of a proposal to mandate that all SU food outlets make 50% of their food offerings Vegan, as well as lobbying the University to do the same.

Additionally, a motion was passed requiring the SU to support students who had been made to feel intimidated as a result of the ongoing strike action by the University and College Union. Said motion also stated that: “Just as students have the democratic right to support striking staff, they also have the democratic right to withhold their support and should not face additional pressures or harassment as a result of this”.

Motions taking a stance against both the development of autonomous weapons and the University’s perceived over-compliance with Home Office Guidelines were passed by majorities of 416 and 523 respectively.

The University of Warwick Students’ Union and ‘Warwick Says No’ have been contacted for comment. ‘For NUS Disaffiliation’ could not be reached for comment.


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