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University of Essex creates new jobs for students amidst cost of living crisis

The University of Essex has created new jobs for students to relieve financial pressure from the cost-of-living crisis.

The university has invested about £100,000 to fund at least 7,500 hours of work in part-time roles on its campuses in Colchester and Southend. There will be at least 30 new jobs created from January of next year to June.

The University of Essex has said it expects it will spend more than £3m this academic year on reducing on-campus accommodation rent and on extra hardship support.

The university’s Pro-Vice Chancellor of Education, Madeline Eacott, claimed that the new job opportunities would help students ensure they can “continue studying” and improve their array of skills.

Eacott added: “Being able to find part-time jobs on our campuses helps them fit their work around their studies more easily.

“We want to offer our students ‘real jobs’ which they know are making a difference by improving the student experience, offering extra support, and ensuring students get everything they can from their time at Essex.

“We hope these roles will be really rewarding for our students while adding an extra level to the transformational education we already aim to deliver.”

The university has also said it wants to work with the Student’s Union to offer extra support.

Student’s Union president Nashwa Alsakka said: “We welcome further funding and support at a time when many students have been especially impacted by the cost-of-living crisis

“I hope that the students that most need these roles are able to access them and benefit from the income and experience.”



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