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University of Warwick invests £1.5 million in new Crop Research Centre

A brand-new Crop Research Centre at the University of Warwick has opened its doors.

This £1.5 million investment is part of the University’s contribution to the fight against climate change.

In this regard, the centre is aiming to encourage research concerning gene editing technology to improve the quality, resilience, and sustainability of vegetable crops.

This new infrastructure was built thanks to the philanthropic donations of the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust and the estate of Jim Brewster, who used to work for the National Vegetable Research Station in Wellesbourne.

The University of Warwick is renowned for its facility complex for research in horticulture. This new building will provide further possibilities for understanding the challenges of climate change and feeding the world’s growing population.

This offers new perspectives for learning as it will participate in the training of future researchers. Students could also receive a Jim Brewster Scholarship to study at the new centre.

Miriam Gifford, head of the School of Life Sciences at Warwick, added: “We are delighted that these generous gifts have been used to establish a new research centre and student scholarships here at Warwick.

“The impact of the Elizabeth Creak Horticultural Technology Centre will be far-reaching. It will accelerate the translation of mankind’s understanding of plant productivity and responses to stress into resilient and more sustainable crop varieties.

“The Jim Brewster Scholarships will provide a PhD student with a much-needed annual top up award that will help fund expenses such as travel to conferences.”






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