Image: Matt Hrkac / Wikimedia Commons
Image: Matt Hrkac / Wikimedia Commons

Climate protesters disrupt Warwick lectures to issue warning

Climate protesters interrupted lectures at the University of Warwick as part of the growing Just Stop Oil movement.

A second-year law lecture was among the events put to a halt as members of the group Student Rebellion Warwick indicated the urgency of the climate crisis and attempted to persuade students to seek active participation in the society.

These protesters, also students at Warwick, issued a stark warning: “We are all going to die.”

They emphasised the importance of individual responsibility in combatting the current climate situation and encouraged students to attend their meeting at Varsity on the same evening.

These announcements were followed by the distribution of Just Stop Oil pamphlets with QR Codes, encouraging more people to seek information and get involved. The protesters also recorded the students’ reactions in the lecture theatre without permission.

A second year law student said:

“I felt uncomfortable being recorded without knowing where the recording was going to be posted. I understand the message that was being presented, but interrupting lectures is not the best way to do this.”

This recent intrusion follows a rise in climate protests across the nation, with activists adopting a more aggressive stance to force the government to act in response to the growing threat of global warming.

An earlier version of this article claimed the group Climate Reality Warwick were behind the protest. This is not true so they have been removed from the piece.

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  • There is no such thing as a second year law lecture
    People of all academic years can do a particular module depending on their course

  • This article contains false information. These protesters do not represent Climate Reality.

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