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Meet Warwick’s STEM societies and groups

If you’re studying a STEM course at Warwick, you are most likely already familiar with the society attached to your course. But did you know that Warwick has a huge number of additional STEM societies focused on everything from artificial intelligence and programming to space and transportation? Whatever course you’re studying, if you have an interest in science or tech, look no further for an exciting range of societies and groups! 

Warwick Coding

At CodeSoc, we aim to make learning code accessible to all students irrelevant of background, course, and previous experience. We offer in-person workshops and free online project-oriented courses on Python, Web dev (HTML, CSS, Javascript), UX/UI, Swift, and Java. We also have a mentorship program, a community of beginner and advanced student coders on our discord server, run social events such as circles, have guest talks on a variety of tech topics, and more! We are not the academic computer science society, but rather a society that welcomes anyone from any background that wants to learn or further develop their coding skills. The best ways to get involved are by joining our workshops, coding nights, socials, or our discord server.  

Warwick AI 

Warwick Artificial Intelligence is the hub of AI at the University of Warwick. We host a range of courses of varying difficulties from introductory sessions in Python and AI Safety to more challenging tutorials like Introduction to Software Engineering. We also host talks – either student-led or by influential people in the industry. You can expect to participate in projects such as teaching a robot cat to walk by itself, making a gesture-controlled drone as well as competitions such as ClimateHack our team ranked fourth in the world most recently. Join us today, starting with being a part of our discord server, and dive deeper into the beautifully complex world of AI. You can also find us on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Warwick Astronomy

Warwick Astronomy Society brings together everyone interested in the night sky. We hold regular stargazing sessions, including telescope sessions, electronically-enhanced astronomy, astrophotography, and solar observing sessions.  As well as a variety of social events (games/movie nights, lunches, circling, and so on), we have an upcoming trip to a dark sky site for the most spectacular observing.  We also host talks from researchers to discover more about the universe (with free pizza)! To get involved, find us on Facebook or Instagram and come to any of our events no matter what experience you have, everyone’s welcome! 

Warwick Data Science

The Warwick Data Science Society is a group of students who have come together to share our curiosity! As one of the fastest growing societies on campus, our aim is to open data science to individuals from all fields. Whether you’re a data expert or just a bit curious, we welcome everybody who wants to learn more and explore what we can do. This year, we’re hosting a variety of hackathons, courses, talks, research programs, and socials. If you’d like to make some friends and learn a bit about data science in the process, come down and join us! 

Integrated Science 

The integrated science society was formed to provide students a link to the wider scientific community not usually provided to students at our level. We have regular talks by a variety of high performing scientists as well as other individuals both with and without a scientific background. We also run social events in order to develop connections with other students in order to promote future collaboration while also providing a more enjoyable society experience.  

Warwick Aerospace  

Here at Warwick Aerospace, we have a lot of different activities that anyone can get involved in! Our projects are open for everyone to join and are a great way to develop practical skills for your CV and gain valuable experience working on an exciting project. Some of our previous projects have included building a drone, the CANSAT project, and even working with a high-altitude balloon! We host talks on a variety of different topics and have had speakers from all around the world come to talk about their current work in the aerospace industry. This has provided our members with the opportunity to build useful connections within the industry. Whether you’re a huge space enthusiast or just looking to try out something new, we would love to see you at our events and socials this term! 

Warwick Women in Engineering and Science 

Warwick Women in Engineering and Science formed to promote diversity and equality of opportunity in all STEM disciplines at the University of Warwick. Stemming from the original Women in Engineering society established in 1919, we aim to open the doors into STEM for all students regardless of background. We intend to achieve this by running socials, aiding students’ professional development through academic talks, CV and LinkedIn sessions, and running Industry Networking dinners. The UK has the lowest percentage of European female engineering professionals, at less than 10%. Join us in tackling the culture of discouraging women from pursuing engineering and the STEM industry. 

Warwick Hyperloop 

Imagine travelling from London to Edinburgh in 50 minutes! That’s what Warwick Hyperloop is all about. We are innovating the technology needed to create a high speed, zero emission transportation system popularised by Elon Musk. Think that’s impossible? Our talented engineers are not alone; they are supported by a variety of business, law, and social science students who bring success to the overall project. Last year, we brought a physical prototype to the Netherlands for the European Hyperloop Week conference attended by global Hyperloop teams. Look up Warwick Hyperloop online now and don’t miss out on this experience!  

Warwick Boring 

Warwick Boring is a team of students and alumni, formed to advance tunnelling technology and develop an innovative and sustainable Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). In our first year (2020-21), we were able to reach the final round of the Not-a-Boring Competition hosted by Elon Musk. This year, we’re set to be in the final round again, and until then, we’ll be busy raising money, assembling and testing our subsystems, and having a great time doing it. If you’re interested in being a part of the team, we’d love to hear from you! Prior experience is not expected, all we ask for is enthusiasm and commitment. If you want to get involved, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and email 


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