Image: Precious Omafia
Image: Precious Omafia

Warwick trampolining 2021-2022 Season Review

What a season it has been for Warwick Trampolining club who are your Southern Universities Trampolining League (SUTL) runners-up!

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic forced a premature end to the 2019/2020 competition season, with the last competition held on 14 March 2020. The pandemic also meant limited training sessions for the club overall. Despite not competing for over a year, the club were ready to take on Bath SUTL 2021 after finally resuming normal training sessions. It kicked off to a great start with 33 out of 40 attendees competing, the biggest competition cohort the club has ever had and one of the largest at the competition.

Though there were just three panels, a few members very narrowly missing medalling and it being a challenging weekend overall, Warwick trampolining took home nine medals, two of which were SS2 synchro, with Louisa Harris and Emma Reid in first and Matt Arnull and Bailey Massey in second.

SUTL 7 men Huw Llewellyn and Abhivardan Berry, having just made their competition debut, secured first and third place respectively.

The new year brought on Medway where success from Bath spurred the club on to perform their best yet again. Podium sweeps of SUTL 2 and SUTL 6 mens categories was the highlight of the competition: in the SUTL 2 men, we had Dieter Curran first, Bailey Massey second, and Jack Austen third. The SUTL 6 men saw Louis March come in first, Chris Lewis second, and Kieran Drury third.

Some of the cleanest executions were seen in these categories, as well as in SUTL 3 women, where the only two Warwick competitors for that category took the first and third spots (Steph Garside and Emma Reid respectively).

Competitors had also beaten personal bests and moved up SUTL levels, particularly Leo Sandoe and Steph Garside, who had progressed from SUTL 4 at their first competition to SUTL 2 at their penultimate competition. Overall, Medway was a brilliant start to the new year, setting the tone for the rest of the competition season!

Warwick trampolining has won a total of 29 medals overall and four league placings with the help of their fantastic coaches

Although the third competition of the year had been cancelled which came as a disappointment to members of the club who had been working hard on their routines, it made the club more determined for the BUCS (British Universities and College Sport) championship on 26-27 March.

Despite the pressure of competing at the biggest competition of the year, Warwick trampolining secured three fabulous medals: BUCS 1 (Leo Sandoe, second), BUCS 2 (Emma Reid, third), and BUCS 4 (Chris Lewis, second).

The whole team worked very hard with improvements clearly visible in individual scores and synchro. Katie Barber and Chardonnay Bradshaw-Shallow went from placing 21st at their first competition to near-medalling at BUCS.

The last SUTL competition on 30 April (Southampton) was an amazing end to the season. The only Warwick competitors for SUTL 2 mens category, Jack Austen and Bailey Massey, took a stunning first and third place respectively.

Lewis Hays claimed his first gold medal in SUTL 5 mens, while Ed Mewes gained second place and his first competition medal in SUTL 6 men. It has been a record-breaking year for the club despite a challenging season of injuries, training and last-minute routine changes.

Our individual league medallists are Huw Llewellyn (SUTL 7 men, third), Chris Lewis and Kieran Drury (SUTL 6 men, second and first), Lewis Hays (SUTL 5 men, first), Louisa Harris (SUTL 4 women, second), Emma Reid (SUTL 3 women, second), Dieter Curran and Jack Austen (SUTL 2 men, second and first), and Steph Garside and Leo Sandoe (SS2 synchro, both second).

Warwick trampolining has won a total of 29 medals overall and four league placings with the help of their fantastic coaches: third for overall execution, and overall execution and difficulty, and second for overall synchro and in SUTL league

They are more than ready for the next season, so bring on SUTL 2022/2023!

For more information find @Warwicktramps on all socials, and to get involved, visit the SU website.

By Precious Omafia.


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