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Warwick library introduces new ‘space hog’ campaign to tackle unattended spaces

Warwick university library has introduced a new ‘space hog’ campaign aimed at raising awareness of pre-existing unattended desk rules following high demand in the Main Library building and Rootes Learning Grid.

The new campaign, which focuses on the Main library building and Rootes learning grid, allows staff to leave a ‘Watch this space’ notice on used areas that are left unattended. This notice does not give permission for others to use the space. If 30 additional minutes pass whilst this notice is in place however, library staff can replace this with a ‘Don’t be a Space Hog’ notice, meaning that the space becomes open to new users.  

Students can also report unattended spaces to library staff by texting ‘HOG’ and the ‘the desk number being hogged’ to 07788 351 382 for the Main Library building, or by texting ‘HOG’ and ‘the location being hogged’ to 07876 876 946 for the Rootes Learning Grid.   

Students do not have permission to remove any unattended items despite the presence of a ‘Don’t be a Space Hog’ notice, however. According to the university website, which you can find here, ‘Items left unattended can be moved to one side but should not be removed altogether by anyone other than their owner’. 

Further, ‘if you return to a space that has been re-occupied, collect your belongings and find somewhere else to work. If you have any questions, raise them with our Library staff, not with the person now using the space’.

This campaign aims to raise awareness of pre-existing library rules. This presumably refers to the Library code of conduct, section (18), which states that: ‘The reservation of places is not allowed. Books and other articles left for more than 30 minutes may be removed by Library staff. Articles left unattended at closing time will be removed.’ You can find the Library Code of conduct and other Library regulations here



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