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STEM students no longer allowed to use Faculty of Arts Building (FAB)

The University of Warwick announced last night that the Faculty of Arts Building (FAB) will no longer be available for all students in Term 3. 

Moving forward, STEM students are advised to use the library or Social Sciences building as an alternative location to study. The University mentioned: “The popularity of the FAB building has resulted in an influx of students on a daily basis.

“In order to make it a more conducive environment for study, we will be requiring STEM students to study in alternative locations, such as the library or Social Sciences building”. They then continued: “This will allow more space for Arts and Humanities students at the University.” 

When asked to comment, a second year Mathematics undergraduate said: “It is really unfortunate that this is the new rule going forward. I really enjoyed studying with my friends at FAB”. 

They then added, “It just seems unfair more than anything, other places for studying seem just as crowded, and it’ll only worsen if we aren’t allowed to use the FAB building.”


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