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The best black-owned brands

Despite the fact that Black History month is in the month of October for us Brits, Black history month in America is well underway. As the month of February is ending, it is a good time to reflect on some black-owned businesses that we can support and uplift.

Shopping black-owned and supporting black businesses has recently become a major area of interest; this has been exemplified by the resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement during 2020-2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But do we actually know what brands to support? How can we uplift these businesses if we don’t even know about them? That is where I come in!!

As a black woman myself, I enjoy supporting black cosmetic and hair brands as these businesses tend to cater to a wider range of complexions and hair types.  These brands understand that inclusion needs to be at the forefront of their business models and all kinds of people can be potential consumers of their products. Therefore, let us outline a wide variety of brands and people we can support in order to uplift the black community this month.

Juvia’s Place in particular is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadow

Let us begin with makeup. We all know the icon that is Rhianna and the global phenomenon of her brand; Fenty Beauty. Her brand prides itself on its wide shade range (40 different shades) of complexion products such as foundations, concealers, and skin tints, whilst still maintaining an affordable price point. One of my favourite products from Fenty is the cream blushes which can be found in your local Boots store.

Some lesser-known cosmetic brands that are still very affordable include UOMA beauty, Beauty Bakerie and Juvia’s Place. Juvia’s Place in particular is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadow products, so if you are interested in creating a striking eye look, again you can purchase this brand in Boots.

If you would like something a bit higher-end, check out Pat McGrath Labs which is sold in Selfridges. Pat McGrath is a famous makeup artist that has worked with many famous faces such as Kim Kardashian. Much like Juvia’s Place, Pat McGrath is well known for her pigmented eyeshadows that have been used by runway models, actors, and musicians.

Products can be used by people of all hair types, textures, and colours

When it comes to hair care, I always enjoy shopping from black businesses as well. These products can be used by people of all hair types, textures, and colours. Some currently black-owned brands include Afrocenchix, Boucleme and Hug my Hair. Some brands that were previously black-owned and are more widely available in stores like Superdrug and Boots includes As I Am, Shea Moisture and Camille Rose. Definitely check out some of these products if you are interested in spicing up your hair care routine.

Lastly, let us turn to fashion. Recently, the TELFAR bag created by Liberian American Fashion designer Telfar Clemens has become a global phenomenon, selling out across the world, becoming the most talked-about accessory on the market.  There have been other brands that have been making massive waves recently. This includes British fashion designer, Grace Wales Bonner with her brand WALES BONNER. She had dressed Meghan Markle, collaborated with Solange and has been awarded an LVMH Young Designer Prize. Another extremely popular brand is the luxury brand OFF WHITE created by Virgil Abloh which has also been extremely popular online recently. Some other brands include Tove Studio, Ace & Prince, Savage X Fenty and April + Alex.

This is not an exhaustive list, but a snapshot of the variety of talent and artistry that can be found within the black community. I hope you at least check some of these brands out as Black businesses are not to be supported just in black history month but always, every day of the year. Happy black history month guys!!


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