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BREAKING: All Student Vote results for Term 2 have been published by Warwick Students’ Union

The results from this term’s All Student Vote (ASV) have been published by Warwick Students’ Union (Warwick SU).

Following a turnout of 862 students and 3,986 votes cast, 4 of the 5 motions have passed.

The turnout for this ASV is lower than the previous term, as in Term 1, 1953 students voted, and there was a total of 15,783 votes.

The motion “Remove most meat, fish, dairy, eggs and other animal-based products from SU outlets”, gathered the most attention with the most amount of votes cast: 846. This motion asked“to start all SU outlets on a transition towards selling a greater amount of plant-based products to reduce their environmental impact”.The motion failed with 497 votes against and 320 votes cast for it.

There were two other motions focused on environmental impact: Sustainable Energy Education and Warwick SU for Environmental Accountability. Both of these motions have passed, with the first one seeking “to provide students in on-campus accommodation with mock energy bills to increase awareness of sustainable energy usage”. The other motion’s aims were: “to mandate the Environment and Ethics officer to create an environmental pledge for outlets on campus to sign up to regarding plastics use, food wastage, energy usage, and eco-friendly food options”.

Another motion that was proposed and was successful was “Trans inclusion in our Union: Addressing the harm we’ve done”. This motion, which 522 students voted for, 122 against, and 131 abstained, called for the SU “to deliver trans inclusion training to SU staff”.

The motion, “Fair Parking for Students” also passed with 624 students voting for it. 116 students voted against the motion, while 69 students abstained – with a total of 809 votes cast. This was the second most popular motion.

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