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University of Warwick confirms in-person graduations next year

The University of Warwick have confirmed that in-person graduation will take place at the end of this academic year. 

In an email sent to students due to graduate, the University announced that ceremonies will take place between Monday 18th – Wednesday 27th July 2022. 

They mentioned that they will aim to publish a schedule of ceremonies by February 2022, and that planning for the ceremony will remain flexible in case of unforeseen changes to the Covid-19 regulations currently in place by the UK government. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the University said: “The University may cancel, delay, or postpone its graduation ceremonies for a given period due to circumstances beyond its control, and under which the ceremonies can no longer reasonably, or safely, be expected to take place.

“Such circumstances may include (though are not limited to): fire, flood, explosion, or any other incident that renders the venue in which the Degree Congregation is due to be held unsafe to use; terrorist act (or threat of a terrorist act); natural disaster; pandemic; industrial action; or a period of national mourning.”

One third year PAIS student, Cat Astier, commented that: “This is the first sign that, throughout our third year, universities are returning to normality. After two years of our university experience being affected by Covid-19, it will be really nice to celebrate properly and enjoy spending time with others, rewarding ourselves for getting through this tough period.”


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