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University wardrobe essentials

If you’re heading off to university this September, you’re likely wondering what clothes you should pack. Although it can be tempting to upend your bedroom and drag your entire wardrobe with you, you’ll only have limited storage space, so it’s best not to go overboard. 

Besides, if you forget anything, Warwick isn’t in the middle of nowhere- you can order clothes online to the campus post office, and Leamington Spa and Coventry both have a range of shops if you fancy some retail therapy. 

I’ll be honest with you; you’re probably only going to dress nicely for a week. Maybe a month, at a push. After that, the novelty of looking presentable starts to wear thin, and most people will be turning up to lectures in joggers and a hoodie. 

Beaten up, comfy trainers are your best choice

The reality of being a student is that you will spend most of your time in loungewear, hungover, hanging out with your flatmates in your kitchen or in your room struggling through your required readings. Although it can be nice to dress up for seminars or when going out, comfy clothes are an essential and necessary option to fall back on when you’re just not feeling it. 

Therefore, it may be worth investing in a nice loungewear set, or just a decent pair of joggers, before you come to university, as you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. Extra points for pairing it with a blazer for that international student, off-duty model, definitely-not-disgustingly-hungover vibe.

Trust me, your Air Force 1s won’t be looking so white after a few rounds of Purple. If you’re going out clubbing, save yourself the trouble and opt for some older/ hardier shoes that you don’t mind getting ruined. Depending on what accommodation you’re in, the walk across campus from Pop can be a fair distance, so beaten up, comfy trainers are your best choice. Heels are to be worn at your own risk. 

Opt for bigger washing loads, less often

Chances are, if you’re coming to university, this will be the first time that you’ve been in charge of doing your own washing (shame on you). Given that the Circuit washing machines are a scam, and you’ll soon get pretty sick of having wet washing draped all over your room, you’ll want to limit how many washes you’re doing each month. The one thing you’re most likely to run out of is underwear- stock up on this, and you can avoid paying for lots of little washes, and instead opt for bigger washing loads, less often. 

I severely underestimated how much fancy dress I would need for university- circles are often themed, and there can be punishments for bad sports. Christmas and Halloween circles are a given, so if you have any old costumes knocking about at home, bringing them could save you a panicked Amazon Prime order at 2 am the night before. Pub golf is another common theme, so a visor and an old argyle vest never go amiss.

However, literally, anything can be a theme (festival, anything but clothes and Playboy bunnies were all themes in my first year) so don’t sweat it too much- you can always grab something when you’re here.

Just wear what you feel best in

If you’re a fresher, it’s likely you’ll be going out at least twice or three times a week (if that’s your scene). Given the tradition of taking group photos before you go out, you’ll probably want a few nice variations of your go-to outfit to rotate throughout the term. Warwick clubs are pretty casual, so just wear what you feel best in.

A lot of the men’s sports teams require members to wear a shirt and tie to circle, so if you’re planning on joining a sport (or even if you’re not), it may be worth bringing a shirt and some nice jeans or chinos with you. Even if that doesn’t sound like your thing, a lot of societies have balls over the year, so if you have a nice dress or suit at home, bringing it with you could save you money on a tight student budget. 

By the end of your first week, your kitchen floor is going to be absolutely filthy (not to mention the bathrooms, if you haven’t been blessed with an en suite). Having a pair of slippers or slides to wear when walking around communal areas saves you the effort of putting on shoes every time you leave your room, and will stop you from stepping in anything you’d rather not. Your feet will thank you. 


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