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Student spiking reports spark social media outrage

A student at the University of Warwick has been accused by name in a viral social media post of spiking female students, with several girls coming forward with accusations against him. 

These accusations arose following an alleged incident at a University society bar crawl in Leamington Spa in Week 1, where the student was accused by fellow attendees of following female students around during the bar crawl, and spiking two female students at one of the bars. 

A post on Instagram that described the alleged spiking incident, along with information on the accused, was reposted on the social media accounts of several student-led organisations, as well as by a large number of Warwick students on their personal accounts. 

The accused student has allegedly attended two other universities before he began at the University of Warwick in 2019. The viral social media posts describe spiking attacks and sexual assaults dating back to 2019, with several female students on Instagram claiming that the accused student has been targeting students for three years. 

The Boar News conducted a social media investigation on whether students at Warwick had experienced or come into contact with the issue of drink spiking. In the survey conducted last week, 30% of respondents said they had either been the victim of spiking or had witnessed it first hand. 

In response to our investigation, It Happens Here, a Warwick University student-led organisation who campaign on behalf of sexual assault victims, commented: “We have had meetings with the Students’ Union, bars, pubs, and clubs on the issue of spiking and how to combat it. The meetings seem to be going well, so we are hoping that this can be addressed.” 

“It’s unbelievable that this is happening”

– Warwick student

Following reports of drink spiking cases, there were reports of students being injected, with one particular rumour alleging that a female student contracted HIV after being injected at a popular Leamington Spa nightclub. These rumours have since proven to be false, but girls at Warwick are still “terrified” according to a female Warwick PPL student. She added: “I can’t understand how someone could possibly inject someone in a club and think it’s acceptable. It’s unbelievable that this is happening.” 

There have been reports of drink spiking attacks across several universities in the UK, including Leeds, Nottingham, and Manchester, and with an increased rise in spiking across the country, it isn’t surprising that female students at universities are worried. 

When contacted for a comment, the University of Warwick directed The Boar News to their public statement on the issue of drink spiking, which reads: “ Following a number of high profile cases across the UK over recent weeks, we know many members of our community are understandably concerned about drink spiking. These media reports have been alarming and distressing.

“Socialising is an important part of student life, and everyone should be able to enjoy going out with friends and feel safe doing so. We do not tolerate this behaviour at Warwick, and are committed to working to increase safety and prevent crimes happening both on and off campus.

“Anyone who believes they have been the victim of spiking in any form should contact the police or seek medical assistance as soon as possible. We would also urge any student who may have been the victim of a spiking – or any other unacceptable behaviour – to contact our Report and Support service so we can assist you. You can report anonymously if preferred.

“The responsibility does not rely on the victim to prevent this from happening to them – it lies solely with the perpetrator. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our community, and we will support any police efforts to identify anyone involved in any alleged drink spiking offence.”

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