BREAKING: University of Warwick scraps 1.5m social distancing for Term 2

The University of Warwick have announced that the 1.5 metre social distancing rule which is currently in place will be scrapped in Term 2 of this academic year. 

In an email sent to all Warwick students, the Student Communication Team said: “It is clear from your feedback that a majority of you would value more face-to-face learning and interaction, but there are still some of you who value online and a continuation of our blended learning approach.

“In response to this feedback, the decision has been taken to remove the 1.5m social distancing restrictions in teaching spaces effective from Term 2. The SU support this decision, as it means there is the opportunity for more face-to-face learning and interaction, which will be valued by many of you.

“What the change in social distancing restrictions means at an individual level will vary according to your department, module selection, and year of study. We are confident this relaxation of restrictions will allow more larger group teaching to take place face-to-face.”

The University also revealed that 84% of students have said that they are double-vaccinated. The University projects that this will rise to 97% by the end of November.

This announcement follows activism from students on campus regarding the provision of in-person teaching. Earlier this month, Put Warwick Students First (PWSF) organised a protest on campus where they were advocating more face-to-face teaching. Similarly, second-year student Joel Cooper organised a letter, which was sent to vice-chancellor Stuart Croft and signed by 15 academic societies, encouraging a more inclusive approach to blended-learning.

When contacted for a comment, David Bush, founder of PWSF, said: “We see this announcement as a huge step in the right direction.

“Students may finally be allowed to use the lecture halls they spend so much money on. Whilst, we are of course pleased with the announcement, we do think that some work needs to be done.

“We will continue campaigning for Universal Lecture Capture, to allow lectures to be as accessible as possible. We will also carry on campaigning for in-person lectures for all students.

“We are concerned by the lack of commitment in the university’s statement – with the university only stating that it is likely that there will be “reductions in the amount of online delivery”; while also committing itself to blended learning and “certain types of online delivery”.”



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