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BREAKING: Warwick SU announce there will be no social distancing requirements at society or sports events

Warwick Students’ Union (Warwick SU) have announced that there will be no restrictions on Sports Club or Society Events in the upcoming academic year.

In an announcement on the official SU Facebook account, they said: “Following successful discussions with the University, the Officer Team have received confirmation from the University that there will be no restrictions on Sports Club or Society events, in terms of social distancing or limiting numbers.

“Clubs and Societies will now be able to plan a full range of meetings and activities for Term 1!”
After over a year of social distancing measures and, in some instances, society events being online for the entirety of last year, many students have signalled their approval and relief at the decision.
One final year student at the University remarked: “I think that if this does not happen now, it will never happen because what more can we do than vaccinate everyone. I think our best bet now is to get back to normal considering hospitalisations and deaths are so reduced, and I hope that incoming freshers have a great time in their societies.”
This comes as many student groups, such at Put Warwick Students First (PWSF), are campaigning for the continuation of in-person tuition, rather than the blended learning approach which has been adopted by universities across the country including Warwick.
The University of Warwick has been contacted for a comment.


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