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Are revenge holidays worth it?

It’s stating the obvious to say that the last year and a half have not been an ideal time to jet off on an exciting holiday. While some have been able to snatch a break abroad, these experiences have been haunted by the threat of Covid and the perpetual fear that you could end up trapped in another country. While this summer, too, is looking to be a write-off for those wanting a holiday, many are planning to get back to jet-setting with a bang, with what has been coined a “revenge holiday”.

Many have decided that as soon as it’s safe to do so, they’ll start crossing off their bucket list travel destinations. After over a year of being stuck at home, often with little else to do but concoct plans for the post-pandemic world, lots of people have been designing their dream holidays. This, alongside the cancelled and missed celebrations and holidays of the pandemic, means that many are ready to splash out on something big.

While holiday companies are thrilled with the upsurge in bookings, there are still many concerns around the return of global travel. With countries flying on and off the UK’s “traffic light” lists, and quarantine rules being different throughout the world, the threat of Covid remains pervasive. In addition to this, many tourist hotspots are fearful of the consequences of visitors returning. In spite of deeply wounded tourism industries, places like Hawaii are less than thrilled with the huge numbers of holidaymakers, reporting that visitors are far more aggressive and combative than they were pre-pandemic. Locals are also increasingly antagonistic towards tourists, and the Maui mayor has called for a reduction of flights to the island to protect residents and deal with the overflow of travellers. Although many areas whose economies are based on tourism desperately need a boost, there’s still a long way to go before they’ll be able to fully, and safely, get back on their feet

The concept of the revenge holiday is one of excessiveness, extravagance and maybe even hedonism

The concept of the revenge holiday is one of excessiveness, extravagance and maybe even hedonism. But is it the best idea to go wild on a big trip right now? Economically it’s important to help out struggling tourism economies, but there is a myriad of health and safety concerns to keep in mind. Additionally, the costs of any sort of holiday are skyrocketing – with people desperate to get away, travel companies are seizing the opportunity to make up for lost time and lost profits. Financially, it might be a smart move to wait a while before embarking on your well-planned adventure.

Although I might not call it a “revenge holiday”, personally I’m looking forward to getting back to travelling (hopefully) next summer. I’ve already found myself getting excited at the thought of setting off to another country, exploring somewhere a bit further away than my doorstep. After a pretty terrible year, even just the idea of that freedom is exhilarating. I really hope that by summer 2022, travel will be back on the cards and I can really celebrate both the end of the pandemic and my final year of university. In a way, these sorts of holidays will be a kind of revenge – “getting back” at Covid for what it’s taken from all of us. People want something to fight against, and when your enemy is minuscule and invisible it’s hard to do. Revenge holidays could be a way to get that sense of vindication.

You don’t need to try and find a way to rationalise going a little crazy for your next trip

There are many ways to justify going big on your next holiday – as a celebration or reward, a much-needed chance to unwind, or to “help boost local economies”. But you don’t need to try and find a way to rationalise going a little crazy for your next trip. You deserve it – we all do. However, it’s important to keep in mind that despite the easing of restrictions, Covid is still very much a global presence. Maybe hold off on actually going on your dream trip for now, and stick to planning it. While it’s frustrating to have to wait, it’ll all be worth it in the end!


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