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Loving local: Top 10 Warwick food spots

Freedom day has finally arrived and now more than ever students are making the most of what post-Covid times have to offer. Temperatures are rising, people are socialising, and restaurants are looking more and more appetizing.

As restrictions are lifted, groups of families and friends are tempted to go to the big cities to experience a range of good food. For those of us with a student budget, it is easy for us to believe that we can’t experience this locally. However, many people don’t know that there are plenty of student-friendly options to choose from just a couple of minutes away from campus.

From classic fine dining, to absolute steals, our local eateries have everything to offer. So here are my personal ‘Top 10 Warwick Food Spots’ that every Warwick student should try at least once before graduating.

Classic restaurants

     Dirty Duck & Varsity (Campus, Coventry)

These two are my tied top choices for restaurants that give off the ultimate Warwick Student vibe. Although The Dirty Duck ironically does not actually serve duck, it does serve a range from burgers to spaghetti typically under £10 for a meal. If you are lucky enough to go for dinner, you are most likely to get it with a free show, whether it be from ‘Karaoke night’ or chaotic society pub crawls. Similarly, Varsity is great for those who are on a student budget, giving us high-quality food and service all day for low prices, all from walking distance from each accommodation on campus.

     Procaffeinate (Leamington)

Are you really a Warwick student in Leamington Spa if you’ve never been to Procaff? The answer is no…

Upon entering, you will be greeted by Leamington’s finest and friendliest coffee artists as they walk out of their iconic fridge door. They are not afraid to fill your large, iced coffees to the very top of the lid, while still being cheaper than a Starbucks Venti. If that doesn’t want to make you go then I don’t know what will. Overall, a pretty place to have brunch or a coffee catch-up with your friends while overlooking the canal running through town. Alternatively, you can go to Pret A Manger on Campus, giving you cheaper, but still high-quality, coffee options. Would definitely recommend getting the Pret subscription for 5 free drinks a day.

Budget friendly

     Canopy (Campus, Coventry)

This review would not be complete without recommending Warwick’s most instagrammable restaurant. Canopy serves the cheapest, yet tastiest breakfast options, especially if being compared to brunch places in Leamington, all for under a fiver. And bonus points for providing us with a good insta background with their great looking waffles and traditional English breakfast.

     Wagamama (Leamington)

Despite being quite a well-known chain, this restaurant in Leamington Spa is not just your ordinary Wagamamas. Situated in Regent court, inside Regent hotel may very well persuade you into thinking that it is the prettiest Wagamamas in the UK. With its classy interior and good service, you’d think the prices would change, but it all still falls well within our student budget.

     Las Iguanas (Coventry & Leamington)

Las Iguanas and Turtle Bay have constantly been in a tense rivalry for bottomless brunch and happy hour. Although Turtle Bay has a wider range of cocktails, Las Iguanas arguably has better, and cheaper food combined with 2 for 1 cocktails all day. Both, however, have good music and good service morning until closing.

A unique experience

     Red Hot Mama (Leamington)

The best authentic Italian pizza you’ll get near campus is from ‘Red Hot Mama’ which is all the more enjoyable with their little private huts, each with their own unique colourful interior design surrounded by fairy lights. Italian music in the background, cool-looking cutlery and guaranteed to be enjoyed whatever the weather is all one should look forward to.

     Jinseon – KBBQ (Coventry)

If you enjoy Kdrama, Kpop and wholesome group cooking with your friends, then this place is for you. Serving you a delicious mix of authentic Korean meats which you can cook to your liking and refreshing mocktails there’s nothing more you’d want from a KBBQ experience.


     Hart&Co (Leamington)

One word: Pink. From bathtubs to balloons, the decor does not miss. It is a great place to try out iconic cocktails, somewhere food is even served on top of them (cereal in alcohol). For those who are a bit more peckish, their classic burgers and mac & cheese bites are well priced for how incredible they taste.

     La Coppola (Leamington)

For those who are craving more of a luxurious fine dining experience, have money to spare and treat themselves, or have their parents visiting for the day, this is the top place to go. Slightly on the pricey end, but also worth every penny. The beautifully lit trees and excellent service provide the perfect ambience to enjoy their authentic Italian and oysters. This is definitely worth saving up for.

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