The ‘Dinner in America’ interviews

Boar Film was recently given a brilliant opportunity to interview the two leads and the writer/director of Dinner in America, a new American indie dark comedy. Check below for videos of each interview and detail on the interviewees. 

Adam Rehmeier Interview

The first interview was with Adam Rehmeier, Dinner in America‘s writer/director. His previous directorial credits include The Bunny Game and Jonas. This interview covers the writing of the film’s original song (‘Watermelon’), the film’s lengthy process of creation and the frequent appearances of rotary phones.

Kyle Gallner Interview

The second interview was with co-lead Kyle Gallner, who has previously acted in such films as Jennifer’s Body and American Sniper. In Dinner in America he plays Simon, the punk who wreaks havoc in the suburbs of Detroit before revealing his more tender side. This interview covers Kyle’s favourite memory of shooting, how he became involved in the production and how he approached playing a character with no filter.

Emily Skeggs Interview

The third and final interview was with co-lead Emily Skeggs, who has previously acted in films including The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Mile 22. In Dinner in America she plays Patty, the isolated young woman who develops an intimate and unexpected relationship with Simon. This interview covers everything from Nine Inch Nails to Robert Bresson, Under the Skin and the similarities between Dinner in America and Napoleon Dynamite.

DINNER IN AMERICA is streaming on ARROW and available to buy or rent on all digital platforms in the UK from 1 June

Dinner In America is available on: ARROW, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Sky Store, Microsoft, Kanopy

£9.99 to buy

£5.49 to rent

Subscriptions are available for £4.99 monthly or £49.99 annually

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