Image: UnSplash
Image: UnSplash

17p lemonade

Oh this decadence

Caress me sweet nectar,

With your fizzy kisses

My throat your humble abode.

Only yours.

Forever yours.


Your whispers utter bliss,

popping open to release my infatuation.

My addiction.

This lavish expenditure one I’m used to….


Oh my bittersweet champagne, 

besotted I am

My naïve untarnished pupils dilating at your dress

White satin tailored to your curves

Virtuous – yet enticing. 


What a fine wine you are.


Your dress curling as I hold you.

Flapping by your ankles yet you remain                          unspoiled.

For you are timeless.

Cherished by me.

Priceless, luxurious, forever mine.


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