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BREAKING: University of Warwick announce rent waiver for those living in off-campus accommodation

The University of Warwick have announced a rent waiver for those living in off-campus University-managed accommodation. 

The announcement from the University came this afternoon, after months of rent striking from student both on- and off-campus.

The rent waiver is available to eligible students from 9 January to 9 April 2021, and students will be eligible if they did not access their University-managed accommodation throughout that period.

The statement also said: “We will update you before the start of term 3 whether there is any continuation of the rent waiver after 9 April.

“Whilst only some students are permitted to return to in-person teaching before 17 May, all students are now free to travel in the UK, and we can confirm that campus services and facilities will be open again by the start of term 3.

“This may be helpful to inform your decision on whether to return to your term-time address for term 3 to make the most of the opportunities to support your learning.”

Over the last few months, a student-led rent strike has been taking place. The organisers sent out an official list of six demands, including a 40% rent cut for the academic year 2020/2021.

They were also demanding “contract releases or refunds for any periods that students don’t make use of their accommodation.”

The University and Warwick University Rent Strike have been contacted for comment following the University’s recent announcement. 


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