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Meet your candidates: SU Welfare and Campaigns Officer

Meet the candidates running to be your next Students’ Union Welfare and Campaigns Officer in this year’s spring elections.


Sebastian West

I will work to achieve clear and immediate covid-19 welfare policy, that tackles student loneliness and isolation, that provides working opportunities for those economically effected and that curbs student anxiety around returning to in person assessments. I will create a welfare system that adapts to degree specific issues, understanding that different courses face different welfare issues (access to mitigating circumstances, work/life balance). Move to a welfare system that is pro-active rather than reactionary, that works to help every student throughout their time at Warwick, not simply one that reacts when students hit their lowest. This is what students deserve.  

Why are you running for this role?

I want to see Warwick become a university that leads by example, not one that follows others. We as students have the chance to shape the university to tackle racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism. Innovate in terms of ethical and eco-friendly policy. Become the leading university in mental health provisions and structures. Create a campus that is safe and accepting of all. I want every student to feel that their university life changed them for the better.  

What, in your opinion, most needs changing at Warwick?

I think that the current welfare system at Warwick is both underfunded and too slow to react. The university doesn’t seem to understand the severity of the mental health crises that the UK is facing. Extra funding and time spent on creating welfare policy is desperately needed, so that students never feel alone or unsupported. Utilising societies, sport clubs, personal tutors and mentor schemes to make sure every student is cared for. 

What has been your favourite memory from your time at Warwick?

Walking to the McDonald’s in Canley from my accommodation at 4-5 in the morning. It wasn’t until my sixth or seventh time going that I realised that the road there wasn’t the safest place to be at night, but I would do it again. On those Sunday night when Tesco was shut, Mcdonalds was there to save the day. Paying £4 for uber eats delivery was a no-go for me, so walking was the only option in my mind. 

Loshini Subendran

My name is Loshini Subendran and I am a PPE student running for the role of the Welfare and Campaigns Officer. I want students to have the best possible experience and I hope to make this possible by ensuring they have wellbeing support and greater accessibility to the SU. I have had experience in leading campaigns, particularly for young people and as the Member of Youth Parliament for my borough I am passionate about maximising youth representation, making sure we are heard. Fun fact: I love eating oranges so much I went to hospital once for eating too many :). 

Why are you running for this role?

The role of the Welfare and Campaigns officer is vital at the university to support students and ensure their voice is heard. I have worked with organisations in my local borough to reduce the stigma around mental health and I held an online event at the end of lockdown for young people to address the effects of the pandemic and the frustrations from the response of media to the BLM movement. I hope to use this experience to help students with the issues that they may be facing.

What, in your opinion, most needs changing at Warwick?

I think students at Warwick need to be more connected with one another and the university itself. As a result of the pandemic, many students have been left isolated and it is important to ensure all students have some form of support for their mental health. There needs to be greater accessibility for wellbeing support, and it should be tailored to students specifically with issues of sexual misconduct is becoming more prevalent on campus.

What has been your favourite memory from your time at Warwick?

My favourite memory from Warwick was a bingo night out to Kasbah with my whole flat. A bingo night might not sound so fun, but I ended up winning a huge Jenga set for my flat. After one of my flatmates had a bingo but didn’t want to go up, I took one for the team and screamed bingo. To get the prize I had to do as many high knees as possible but at the same time my scarf top began to undo itself so I was frantically holding my top together as well as sprinting with high knees!

Amarachukwu Okoye

Candidate did not respond.

Charlton Sayer

Candidate did not respond.

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