Student harassment
Image: The Boar / Abbey Parker

Warwick student followed and harassed by a group of men outside Rootes accommodation 

A Warwick student was followed and harassed by a group of men outside Rootes accommodation.

The incident occurred at 2am on Saturday 6 February.

The student was walking from Arthur Vick to Old Rootes when she was approached by the group of men. Two of them were riding bikes.

The men began wolf whistling at the student before shouting “let’s get her”, “give me a smile” and “she’s fit, let’s get her”.

The student was then followed by the group and was forced to run away to an open area with more people.

The group of men remain unidentified.

The University told The Boar: “The security team are there to help protect staff and students, we have extensive CCTV coverage that can often help in identifying individuals and help keep our campus safe.

“We would urge anyone facing any such concern in future to report it to security as soon as possible. Our security team have used the CCTV network to work with the police to locate and detain individuals of concern soon after issues have been reported to them.

“This is a significant deterrent to anyone wishing to act in ways that attempt to undermine campus safety.”


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