Voting in the Term 2 All Student Vote to open on Tuesday

The motions for the Term 2 All Student Vote have been announced by the Warwick Student Union, with voting to begin on Tuesday 2 February at 9am. 

Nine motions have been proposed and students will have until midday on Friday 5 February to vote for or against the motions. 

There will be an online meeting on Monday 1 February at 5pm where the motions will be discussed and debated, which will be chaired by the University of Warwick’s Student Union. 

The nine motions that will feature in the Term 2 ASV are: 

  • Combating antisemitism at Warwick
  • Creating a SU Liberation Space
  • Supporting student sex workers 
  • Reviewing sexual violence resource allocation
  • Sexual violence prevention training 
  • Increasing module feedback for students 
  • Warwick SU to support the rent strike 
  • Warwick SU to stop the A46 road
  • Warwick SU for a safety net 

Combating antisemitism at Warwick 

This motion asks the SU adopt the IHRA Definition and all its examples into Warwick SU, as well as asking the SU to author and sign a public letter to vice-chancellor Stuart Croft calling on the University to adopt the IHRA Definition.

The motion has said that several other UK universities have adopted the IHRA Definition , including the University of Bristol, University College London, and the University of Coventry, and this should provide impetus for Warwick to do the same.

Creating a SU Liberation Space 

This motion asks the SU to establish a permanent liberation space in SUHQ by the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year, including asking SU Officers to lobby the university for the provision of a permanent liberation space in a university building.

Supporting student sex workers 

This motion asks the SU to support a campaign for the full decriminalisation of sex work, and to support any attempts to form a Sex Workers’ Union.

Currently, there is no University Policy regarding sex work.

Reviewing sexual violence resource allocation

This motion asks the Welfare and Campaigns Officers to publish all sources relating to sexual violence on the Warwick SU Facebook page, and asks that this campaign be publicised greatly during Freshers Week.

Sexual violent prevention training 

This motion asks the President, Education Officer and Welfare officer of the SU to lobby the university to impose mandatory online education for all students, both freshers and returners, on topics relating to consent, sexual assault, and sexual violence.

Currently, there is no existing mandatory online education course for all Warwick students surrounding sexual violence or consent.

Increased module feedback for students 

This motion asks the Education Officer to lobby Warwick University for summaries of feedback received from students after final module marks are awarded, and for these summaries to be made available on the University website.

Warwick SU to support the rent strike 

This motion asks the SU to publicly support Warwick  Rent Strike and all of its demands.

The Warwick Rent Strike was launched on the 3 January 2021, and demands that Warwick give a 40% rent cut for all students in Warwick Accommodation-managed properties for the academic year 2020/21.

Warwick SU to stop the A46 road

This motion asks the SU to work with the Provost and Director of University Estates to oppose the construction of this road on University-owned land.

Warwick SU for a safety net 

This motion calls for all Student Union sabbatical officers to support calls for a more comprehensive safety net policy.

The University of Warwick recently announced a “COVID Mitigation Package of Education Measures 2020/21” for undergraduates and PGTs. However, Warwick students have launched a petition claiming that the Mitigation Package was inadequate.


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