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Meet your candidates: SU Societies Officer

Meet the candidates running to be your next Students’ Union Societies Officer in this year’s spring elections.


Daniel Alvarez

Hi! My name is Daniel and I am running to be your next Societies Officer! I am currently President of CYPHR: Street Dance Society. I understand that student societies had a challenging year, especially as smaller and more niche societies were unable to reach more students. Firstly,  I want to improve the exposure of all student societies by using social media platforms. Secondly, I want to increase support for mental health by increasing welfare training for society execs. Student societies have been a big part of my university experience and I want the same for you.

Why are you running for this role?

I am running for Societies Officer because I believe there is a need for more marketing and promotions of student societies utilising social media platforms to reach out to students. Personally, involvement and participation in student societies have been the most memorable part of my university experience. I have made life long friends and developed as a person by getting involved in student societies.

What, in your opinion, most needs changing at Warwick?

This year has been a challenge for societies to reach out to students and first-year students were unable to have the typical student societies experience.  A solution I want to implement is to use existing Warwick Student Union social media platforms to highlight various societies and increase online engagement. For instance, I want to set up ‘Society Showcases’, promoting student societies during Welcome Week until Week 4.

What has been your favourite memory from your time at Warwick?

My favourite memory has been being part of Hip Hop Dance EQHO’s ball in 2018. I was proud to have been part of such a welcoming and inclusive society that I could call ‘family’. It was a lovely night celebrating the accomplishments our exec team achieved over the year.

Charlotte Earl

For many students, society involvement has been the best part of their Warwick experience, it certainly has been for me. Despite only being in the 2nd year of my PAIS degree, I have sat on four execs, been involved in many other societies and sports clubs, and have been elected on to the SU Societies Committee twice. I, therefore, fully appreciate just how hard it has been for societies this year. A vote for me for Societies Officer is a vote for someone who will do everything they can to make next year a truly legendary year for Warwick’s societies.

Why are you running for this role?

I think it is fair to say that this year has been dreadful for everyone. I want to use the Societies Officer role to enable everyone to have truly legendary experiences next year through societies because frankly, we deserve it. Stuart Croft once said that we would have “one hell of a party” when this was all over. I am running for this role because I am desperate to make next year “one hell of a party”.

What, in your opinion, most needs changing at Warwick?

It sometimes feels like doing anything at Warwick is an uphill struggle. From dealing with your department over academic matters to trying to keep on top of the endless bureaucracy that the SU places upon societies, doing just about anything here can often be completely draining. We should review and change these procedures, so they are no longer exhausting. Running and being part of societies should be genuinely fun.

What has been your favourite memory from your time at Warwick?

I have so many fond memories from my time here so far, but my first circle stands out as my favourite. I really do feel sorry for all the freshers who have not experienced the unbridled carnage of a proper circle and as Societies Officer, I will do everything I can to help societies organise circles as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Chih-Hsiang Lo

My name is Chih-Hsiang and I am a 3rd year Politics and International Studies student. For the past 2 years I have been an exec and the president of the Anime and Manga Society. I am also the current Starcraft lead for the Esports Society. My experience has given me valuable insight into the day-to-day running of societies, enabling me to recognise the needs of societies and the challenges of dealing with other student bodies such as the SU. In my free time I enjoy watching/reading anime and manga, collecting art books, and playing chess.

Why are you running for this role?

Having been a society president, I have witnessed first-hand how, by allowing students to develop and pursue interests, build friendships, and release stress, societies are fundamental to the social fabric of university life and the mental wellbeing of students. Unfortunately, this relationship has generally been overlooked, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, I am running to ensure society concerns are properly addressed and to place mental health at the forefront of the SU’s agenda. 

What, in your opinion, most needs changing at Warwick?

The University needs to be more willing to engage and interact with student bodies before committing to important decisions. I can point to examples such as the handling of the ‘rape chat’ scandal, the initial failure to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism, and the continued failure to adopt a comprehensive safety-net policy despite large student support. The University needs to prioritise student interests more and better involve relevant student bodies into the decision-making process.

What has been your favourite memory from your time at Warwick?

During my time at Warwick, my involvement as an exec in the Anime and Manga society has been a particular highlight. I have loved working with other execs to solve problems, think of new ideas, and organise events for members. Likewise, having the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds and make lifelong friends over shared interests, both within and outside the society, has been a very enjoyable and fruitful experience. 


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