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BREAKING: Rent waiver for on-campus accomodation extended until 6 March

The University of Warwick has extended the rent waiver for on-campus accommodation to 6 March.

The rent waiver will be extended by an additional three weeks (until the end of week 8) and is available for students in on-campus accommodation who have already applied for the original rent waiver.

Students are not eligible for the extension if they have already returned or if they return during the travel restrictions. Exceptions are made for those who need to access their room to collect medical equipment or essential items required for online learning.  

The University initially provided a waiver from 9 January 2021 to 13 February 2021, but have extended it “in light of the extension to the current government-imposed student travel restrictions”. 

“Once the University receives guidance from the Government on how and when students should return to campus, we will communicate this accordingly,” the University added. 

The rent waiver extension will not cover off-campus properties managed by Warwick Accommodation.


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