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BREAKING: University of Warwick to waive rent for students with on campus accommodation

The University of Warwick is providing a rent waiver for all students with on campus accommodation who are “not currently living on campus”.

In a statement provided to The Boar,the University confirmed that: “The waiver will cover the period from 9 January until at least mid-February, by which time we hope that more information and guidance about the lifting of student travel restrictions will be available.

“In addition, we will defer on campus rent payment dates until 1 March by which time the position may be clearer.”

Further details will be sent to all students by email from “early next week”.

The rent waiver will not cover off campus properties managed by Warwick Accommodation. 

The decision comes after hundreds of Warwick students signed up to participate in a rent strike, one of many to be started at universities across the UK.

In response to the announcement, the students behind Rent Strike Warwick said: “This is a victory for the strike and a sign that we’re winning! Keep hold of your rent until the University meets with students, and agrees to ALL our demands. No one should be left behind.

“Warwick is deferring payment dates till the 1st of March. We will keep striking until all 5 of our demands are met!”


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