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Gifts for the person who has everything

We all have at least one person in our lives who is seemingly impossible to buy for. As Christmas comes around again and the chaos of present buying begins, it can be a nightmare to try and find something original that they will both love and haven’t already got.

If traditional gift guides just aren’t cutting it, look no further. I’ve curated a less conventional selection of gifts for you to choose from. Also, many of the products featured are from small businesses, meaning you can feel a little less guilty about participating in what is essentially an annual celebration of capitalism. Your overdraft may not thank you, but your friends and family certainly will.

Vintage film cameras from places such as eBay, Depop and charity shops

We are currently experiencing something of a film renaissance, as disposable cameras have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Instead of repurchasing disposable cameras, why not gift someone a point and shoot camera.

They are hardier, more cost-effective as you’re only paying for a new roll of film each time, not the whole camera and more environmentally friendly – perfect for the designated photographer of your group. Small and compact, they’re ideal for capturing the nights out that 2021 will hopefully resurrect and much more.


One of the few positive things to emerge out of lockdown for me was a newfound candle obsession. No longer limited to the somewhat nauseating scents of Yankee Candles, the new candle crowd are chic, eclectic, and anything but basic. Some of my favourites include Interlude Candles and Siren Store UK for beautiful bust and shell-shaped candles, while Good Candles donate a chunk of the profits from each purchase to charity.


I challenge you to find me a university student who hasn’t killed at least one houseplant in an attempt to make their room more ‘vibey’. Plants make a great gift for pretty much anyone and are a go-to to brighten up student digs.

Supermarkets always carry an impressive selection for under £10, with cacti and peace lilies among those on offer. Plants are perhaps a more subtle way to bestow a little responsibility on your housemates this Christmas.


The gift that keeps on giving is a six or twelve-month subscription to someone’s favourite magazine. This can be a fantastic gift as they are guaranteed to actually make use of it and can come in at less than £20 for the year.

They are also not just limited to magazines as there are subscriptions for practically everything, be it food and drink, makeup, or books, although these can tend to get more expensive. For cheese lovers, Wellocks can send you three different kinds of cheese on as often as a weekly basis, while I Love Gin sends four gin and tonics to your door each month, however, the possibilities are endless.

Food and drink

If all else fails, food and drink are always enthusiastically received. If you’re strapped for cash, baking something is guaranteed to go down well and is definitely something you can have fun with.

A bottle of the recipient’s favourite drink is always a safe bet as well. Many companies sell their drinks as a gift set with a pint glass, making it an ideal gift for those who miss the pub.

At the end of the day, don’t stress too much about what presents to buy this Christmas. It’s been a tough year, financially and otherwise, for many of us, and the company of family and friends feels more valuable than ever. That being said- if anyone fancies buying me any of these things, I’ll consider it a Christmas miracle.

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