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A Christmas gift guide for fashion lovers

None of us thought we would be starting to think about our Christmas shopping in November, going through a second lockdown as the days get shorter, bundling up in blankets to save putting the heating on and studying in our kitchens, and wondering why it’s so dark at half-past four in the afternoon.

Usually, this time of year is characterised by a kind of jolly chilliness, with bright LEDs illuminating the festive shopfronts and time spent trying this year’s Christmas coffees and pastries. Even though most of us are looking forward to December 2 and the end of this second round of lockdown measures, even breaking out the Christmas playlists early isn’t quite enough to distract from the fact that this year, Christmas isn’t going to be quite the same.

That being said, it’s more important than ever that we give ourselves things to look forward to once things are back to normal and it’s once again safe to dress up to go clubbing, or out to the bar for a drink. With that in mind, you might be wondering what to get your fashion-minded friends and family for Christmas. Here are a few ideas:

General gifts for the fashion-conscious student

Gift-giving for the fashion lover in your life doesn’t have to be complicated. I absolutely love clothes, and I probably own an outfit for at least four different aesthetics, which is probably the reason why my mum specifically asks me for links to anything fashion related that I might want for Christmas, even at 21 years old.

If there is one thing that I always love receiving and can never have enough of, it’s fun socks. You could buy your fashion-loving friend any kind of socks – it works for any age, any gender.

If there’s a guy in your flat who likes to dress smart casual – buy him a set of dress socks. Does your housemate get perpetually cold? Fluffy socks are always a great way to go.

Beyond this, you could think more generally about accessories and what would look good with their normal aesthetic. For example, if you’ve seen your best friend wear a really pretty statement set of earrings, get her a necklace to match. You could also go down the route of nice-looking, affordable watches for your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a fashionable tote bag for all those books your housemate brings back from the library.

Think about someone’s style

Something else you could consider is what the person you’re buying a gift for would actually wear on a daily basis. To think about this, you need some clues, like size, or favourite brand. One thing you could do to sneak past your friend’s Secret Santa suspicions is to ask to borrow an outfit or a pair of shoes and take a covert peek at the brand and size. You’re nearly guaranteed to find something they will actually like by shopping the sale section of their favourite brand, and now you know their size too without getting caught going through your mate’s laundry.

If you can afford something a little pricier, you could gift the fashion icon in your life a personal shopper gift box for a month or two and let them pick out bespoke pieces for themselves. If all else fails – go oversized. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love a comfortable, oversized t-shirt.

Practical, useful items can often go down well

A defining feature of any fashion lover is organisation. Although my own clothes tend to end up piled in one particular spot on the floor by my bed, my wardrobe is neatly organised into sections by type of clothing. I always know where I put that cute jumper I haven’t worn in a while or where that one item I love to wear once a year can be found.

Some cool items you could buy your fashion pal might include coat-hanger dividers, or some space-saving magic clothes hangers. On the cheaper, funnier side of things, pick up some really fancy-smelling detergent tablets for the housemate who does laundry once a month, or a delicates bag for that girl mate who wears fishnets with every outfit and has 17 Primark lingerie sets. A great failsafe for any fashion lover is a phone ring-light for selfies – after all, why bother dressing up if no one’s going to see the outfit?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of ideas for the fashion-obsessed friend, but hopefully, it’s inspired you a bit towards getting a decent gift for your friend, family member, or random housemate this Christmas. It also gives you something to think about, as well as look forward to. After the year we’ve had, everyone needs something nice to make them feel good about themselves for the holidays this year- so happy shopping!

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