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The Bookworm’s Gift Guide

Although it may not feel like it, Christmas Day is just around the corner. But with 2020 still working its Grinch-like magic upon the world, is anyone ready for ‘the big day?’ I know I for one am not – with PhD applications and the imposing doom of the end of humanity I’ve been swapping Christmas cheer for stressed-out essay procrastination, and fancy party outfits for holiday season-themed pyjamas. Card writing and present buying may feel like the last thing you want to be doing right now, but perhaps we all should do our best and spread a little cheer to wrap up an otherwise horrendous year. 

Too busy to scour the internet for pressie ideas? Have no fear, we at Boar Books have put in all the hard work for you to find the perfect, out of the box, book-related gift for friends, family, or even yourself (consider it our gift to you!). We recommend supporting small and independent businesses always, but more so than ever in 2020. All these products mentioned can be found on sites such as Etsy and Instagram Marketplace, but for the sake of transparency, we cannot specify any brand names directly.


Reading is a beautiful gift to the world. It’s a chance to sit down and dissolve yourself in a world completely separate from your own, one of the best forms of relaxation and self-care. There are only a very few ways you can make such an experience even more relaxing- a good old scented candle being one of them. Etsy and Instagram are teeming with brilliant independent shops which sell ‘bookish candles’, perfect for boosting any reading session. Who wouldn’t want to sit down to a festive Harry Potter reread with the scent of ‘Christmas at Hogwarts’, or make assignment hell that little more aesthetic with the smell of ‘vintage bookshop?’ Pick the recipients favourite classic novel or ‘book boyfriend’, and we bet you there’s a candle perfectly suited to them!


Now if candles don’t set the ambience enough, then how about some book-based beverages? For a novel-tea (see what we did there?) which will suit even the most discerning of palates, how about some delightful book inspired tea? Loose leaf, decaff, fruit, there are so many options on offer! Throw a tea party that the Mad Hatter himself would be jealous of, with flavours such as ‘Tea with Gatsby’, ‘Second Breakfast Brew’ or ‘Moriar-tea’. If you think the lucky receiver may need something with a little stronger kick, perhaps ‘Espresso Patronum’, a punchy coffee mix could do the trick. Partnered with a mug adorned with a quote from their favourite book, and maybe even the aforementioned candle, this is sure to be an enviable present!

Book sleeves for their favourite books 

It’s no secret that us bookworms are very particular about our books – some of us want to keep them looking pristine, others want to annotate and dog-ear them. One thing we can all agree on, however, is the pure dread of accidental book injury; water damage from a rain-soaked backpack, a bent cover page from shoving it into too small a space, a ripped dust jacket – these are the sins of the book world. Take this one stress off your giftee’s shoulders and treat them to a book sleeve. Waterproof, padded, zip-up, there are so many options to choose from. With designs ranging from upcycled funky, retro patterns to lavishly illustrated quotes, you’ll know their prized possession can be carted around in safety and style.

Literary tarot cards

Here’s an out of the box idea. Ideal for those bookworms who seem to have everything, who love the spiritual side of life, or perhaps who are fans of the wonderful and wacky: literary-themed tarot decks. There’s a mixture of mass-produced decks, such as ‘The Literary Witches Oracle’, ‘Jane Austen Tarot Deck’, ‘Shakespearian Tarot’ or ‘Game of Thrones Tarot’, or independent, fan-made options, such as ‘The Night Circus Tarot Deck’, or ‘Harry Potter’. Partnered with some delicious loose leaf tea, you could set up an evening of literary divination and find out whether 2021 has any intentions of being nicer to us!


What’s more miserable than 2020? Being cold whilst hanging about in Tier 3 lockdown, writing essays and panic applying for postgraduate degrees or remote, online internships. An excellent fluffy blanket is a perfect cure for this, and luckily there are some cracking options, from pretty book series inspired patterns, quotes from famous characters, beautiful fanart, or our particular top choice, banned books! Now you can remain pessimistic about the future, but with the style and finesse of a warm and snuggled bookworm. If you’re lucky enough to be gifting to someone living in Tier 2, or lower, perhaps you could make the upgrade to something a little more wearable. Maybe a jumper or hoodie in a design which Mrs Weasley herself would be jealous of!

We hope that our suggestions have brought back a little spark of festive cheer, and that you’ll find yourselves and your families happy and well over the Christmas break. Enjoy the mince pies, and be sure to pour yourself an extra glass of mulled wine for the team at Boar Books – Merry Christmas!

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