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BREAKING: In-person teaching to remain: vice-chancellor releases statement ahead of national lockdown

The University of Warwick’s vice-chancellor, Stuart Croft, has put out a statement ahead of the national lockdown commencing on Thursday. 

Professor Croft has confirmed in a statement that “a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching” will continue during the national four-week lockdown. The statement also confirmed that “the library, study spaces and support services, in line with government guidance, will remain open”.

“Further detail will be provided on sport, social and retail activities, but we expect that these will be aligned to arrangements for the national lockdown.” 

On Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new national restrictions to come into effect on Thursday 5 November, until Wednesday 2 December. 

Professor Croft’s statement reiterated the University’s four key priorities that were first set at the beginning of the first lockdown: protect health; ensure the success of students; protect jobs and be a good neighbour. 

The impact on the University’s income, added together with “extra Covid measures” has been £87.7 million so far, compared to the 2019 financial plan. 

Professor Croft said that the University needs to “urgently review our approach” to protecting jobs “in light of the new furlough policy” but that the “emphasis is on support for our student experience”.  

The vice-chancellor stated: “To minimise virus transmission rates students must not move back and forth between their student and permanent homes during term time.

“All students should remain in their student accommodation until the end of term – to be clear, this is government advice.”

Further information regarding travel arrangements at the end of term is expected to be made by the Government “in the coming weeks”.

More information regarding the University’s position will be provided to staff and students in the next 48 hours, the statement concluded. 


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