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How the Simpsons would cope in lockdown

Here we are, second lockdown. Last time I made two potential schedules: One, totally unrealistic, containing many cerebral activities, and a second one with new shows I wanted to watch. Neither did I do or watch any of them, and I blame it all on my oh so good friend who gave me her Disney+ password. The temptation was too strong: all thirty seasons of The Simpsons, for free and good quality. I had to binge watch it. Therefore, considering my outstanding Simpsons knowledge I am well placed to do a study on the different Simpsons’ attitudes during the pandemic and lockdown. I will not be accepting any criticism; you’ll just have to deal with my opinion.


At the beginning of the pandemic, Homer does not really react to it apart from being in denial until the lockdown is announced. Once lockdown starts, he is happy to not go to work and he feels proud to help his town by just lying on his couch. He is not really worried about the virus itself, until he watches an interview of a so-called expert talking about the danger of coronavirus. Following that, Homer starts copying all of the most extreme measures one can follow, such as washing everything that enters the house with Ajax, and even Santa’s Little Helper. He goes as far as to wear a full-body suit. Unfortunately, he still manages to catch the virus and lose all sense of taste but continues eating junk food. Marge takes advantage of the situation and cooks healthy food in disguise like pink tofu-doughnuts.


Initially Marge is the one trying to keep stressful information from the rest of the family because she does not want to worry them. But when lockdown is finally announced she becomes so stressed that it is the rest of the family who ends up having to keep information from her. As such, she starts stocking food and toilet paper, but only because everybody else is doing it. She has to go out every three days for essential groceries like beer or pork ribs. At first, she is happy to have company while shopping. However, it quickly becomes annoying and she starts coming up with strategies to escape the rest of the family and stay with Maggie. One of her ideas is to make Lisa help Bart with his online schooling. She starts setting up family activities like giant puzzle making. She also undertakes manufacturing homemade masks which match her green dresses.


He is very happy to miss school; he doesn’t care about the virus because he is young and not at risk. With the rises of cases, he gradually becomes more obsessed with the virus. He starts washing his hands all the time and does not even step outside his disinfected bedroom. He catches Covid, and even though he is totally asymptomatic he blames it all on Homer. Once cured, he goes back to his old habits, and just wears a mask outside. He creates a software to skip school without being busted online. Big success, he can do a lot of crazy activities around the house during lockdown but nobody notices.


She takes the pandemic very seriously from the start without panicking. She is the first in Springfield to react and put up posters on how to wash your hands all over town. She is laughed at initially but then the town starts reacting as well only because celebrities like Nick Jonas or Mel Gibson said to. During lockdown, she wants to be as efficient as possible but the pressure of not wasting her time crushes her and she develops anxiety. She eventually manages to understand that it is okay to not do anything. After lockdown, she wears the homemade masks Marge made for her, but other girls bully her for not wearing fashionable masks.


She wants to wear a mask. She knows she doesn’t have to but she does it anyway to set an example. She wears her pacifier as a necklace to remember that it is just temporary.


He is perfect as usual. He freaks out a little bit but only because Homer suggested to him that he could lose someone he cares about.


He uses his children to make deliveries and become rich during lockdown. He keeps the Kwik-E-Mart open anyway and after installing Amazon locker, he becomes best friends with Jeff Bezos (because yes, he is the cameo of these episodes).

Comic Book Guy/Moe

During lockdown, Bart and Homer convince them to create a secret contraband to send fake food delivery packages to the neighborhood, with a comic and a beer inside: one for the children and one for the parents. They discover later it is, indeed, legal.

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